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I hope your all as well as can be.

I know this question has probably been asked many times before but I am having trouble deciding the thing I do know is I want conservatives out of power as they have been nothing but trouble for the benefit system and a lot more to come.

Been told Labour are not far off the same now sadly.

the Green Party impressed me but I feel like not that many people will vote for them and my main goal would be to get conservatives out of power now.

I just need to know other people’s view so I get an idea who to vote for before it’s too late.


Hi Moogle Star

I was very confused on who to vote, and have been through all the colours, even purple at one point. What I did in the end was put all the leaflets on my dining room table from all the parties. I then did ticked the policies I wanted for both me my family and what I considered beneficial to the country as a whole. I’m voting for the party that got the most ticks

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If you want the Tories out of power then there really is only one option. Personally, I think there are significant differences between the two main parties, but 19neils68 solution looks like a good place to start.

i’ll be voting for the other main party.

the one of the two who will look after the majority who own a tiny portion of the wealth.

NOT, i repeat NOT the party who will give tax cuts to the minority who own 99% of the wealth.

the other parties may have attractive plans but in reality, if you want to make a difference, the answer is plain to see.

mansion tax NOT bedroom tax.

if you need another clue vote LABOUR.


Hmmmmm. Tricky one.
OK, so you can only vote in your own constituency.
I know some people do not like tactical voting, but you have to look at the person most likely to beat the Tory candidate.
I have a lousy choice: safe Tory seat and all that.
The only candidate with a chance of beating the Tory is the Lib-Dem guy.

So it’s chancer versus chancer = no way.
Labour do not have a prayer without a bigger increase in votes than they have ever had (think 500%), and in an area of below average unemployment. Given that the candidate is only 18, I just cannot see it happening
That leaves the Greens (who) and UKIP (do not like most of the things that they stand for).

The temptation is to vote for UKIP on the basis that if they had any sort of an decent increase in their vote, it would be a warning to the main parties, without any risk of the guy getting in.
The same attitude could, of course apply to Labour, but I think that UKIP worries all the party leaders.

Of course, I could just go and spoil my ballot paper (very risky this, the returning officer will take any excuse to call it an actual vote), or stay at home.

Decisions, decisions …


For those of us in Wale ( and Scotland) there’s more choice. In parts of Wales Plaid Cymru stand a good chance of winning seats. I have always voted Plaid and feel that, even though they can’t possibly form a government, having a diversity of parties in parliament is beneficial. At the last election we ended up with a conservative MP, for most of the times we’ve had either Plaid or Labour so it was a bit of a shock! I think what happened was the votes that weren’t for the Conservatives were split 3 ways, Plaid, Labour and the greens. One year the Green party withdrew their candidate as their policies were so close to Plaid’s and they didn’t want to split the vote, I wish they would do that this year!

I’m so torn as to who to vote for, part of me says “stick to your guns” and vote for Plaid as I always have done, but part of says vote Labour to keep the Conservatives out. Hopefully UKIP will take some of the Conservative votes but not get enough to get any seats!

To be honest, I’m finding it all rather nerve racking :confused:

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I cannot agree that Labour is not far off the same as the Torries. Fundamentally they are poles apart. Welfare under a labour government will be routed in a genuine desire to help alleviate suffering, the same cannot be said of the conservatives. A Labour Government will not use sick and disabled people to balance the books whilst giving tax cuts to a small minority.

There are a number of websites that will automate 19neils68’s analysis method. Google “which party should I vote for?” And take a quiz it might help you to decide


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Like DoctorGeoff we live in a constituency where they weigh the Tory votes so our votes won’t make much difference but I shall still vote Labour. We feel disenfranchised by the current electoral system, sadly.

Thank you everyone for these answers they are helping even if I’ve not made up my mind yet.

one thing I do know is UKIP are planning to work with Tories so you have to find out what other parties are planning to aswell I’ve been told that Lib Dems won’t but I will do more research.

secondly Tories are making fox hunting legal again! Boo they are pure evil! Prey on the weak.

Teddy got to ask. If yr living in Wales do you get DMD? If you do, who is yr neurologist I wanna swap lol. I want to vote to the party who will give us the same nhs treatment as England. Probably Plaid.

I want Tories out of power too, but

Liberals- I will never forgive the tuition fees debacle

Labour- I will never forgive the illegal war

UKIP- Ignorant neo-fascist Nazi-ism is SO last century. God hope that the increasing minority who support them find their brains and heart before they find the ballot box

… so who does that leave? RIP screaming Lord Sutch- somehow you look less mad with each passing year…

lord sutch was a brilliant guy.

a friend of mine knew him well and shared her snaps.

he seemed a kindly nutter!

carole x

I’ve never been in a position to have DMD. Until a few years ago I was largely left to my own devices as I’ve never had any big relapses and I’m now SP. My neurologist did say that there would be no benefits to me having DMD, which sort of suggests that if I had been at a different stage of MS I would have been given them. Maybe? He called Pearson and he’s at Morriston hospital

I find it a bit interesting to see that the talk has only been about who gets into power - no one’s mentioned voting based on the local candidate. While I don’t want the Conservatives in No 10, I’m not convinced by Labour. However, I’m probably going to vote for my current Labour MP anyway, because I’ve been impressed with him. He’s done a lot of good work locally (he was also voted MP of the year by the Citizens Advice Bureau), so that’s why he’s most likely to get my ‘X’.

If I lived somewhere else I’d be tempted to vote Lib Dem. I have a lot of sympathy for them, as I think they’ve unfairly got a lot of stick simply because of the tuition fee thing. I genuinely think they’ve managed to rein in the Conservatives a lot - I reckon the cuts would have been a whole lot worse if they weren’t there, and I’m thankful for that.


Teddy, snap he’s mine as well and told me exactly the same. Thing is DMDs prevent further damage or prolong the time before next relapse. I’ve looked into it and I honestly don’t know anyone in Wales who have DMD. We basically can’t have them and we should. My MS nurse is Peter Evans. I’m not happy as the majority of people with RRMS r on or have been offered DMDs. Goggle MS treat me right. You complete a few details and MS society send standard emails to the AMs in Welsh assembly. You will get a couple of emails back one being Edwina Hart who says smthey r looking into it in May. It’s all wrong. We all have an NHS and should be treated equally. Yr basically a sitting duck waiting for further damage of your myelin! Sorry to go on but it’s really bad! Rach

I too am undecided and seem to have pro’s and cons to all the parties, shame it’s not like a pick n mix.

I do feel that Labour may improve the lives of disabled people but can I believe in Milliband to lead the country, no . Hopefully we will not have a major crisis such as war in the next parliament , I would not want Milliband leading us through that or any other crisis.

It’s a shame, as a stronger Labour leader would make my choice more straightforward.

This is the first election that I genuinely do not know who to vote for. I will decide on the day when I look at the ballot paper.

Studying manifestos or believing what the politicians tell us is a complete waste of time.

After May 7 there will be some sort of coalition and in a coalition no one party can dominate things - there will have to be give and take. The pledges now being made by any party mean nothing.

The reality is that if and when we vote we have no idea what policies the party we vote for will adopt in a coalition.

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If no-one in Wales gets any DMDs, and Wales send a lot of patients to Shropshire to be treated on the English tab, where is the money going?

I heard (3rd party) that one Shropshire hospital has refused to take any Welsh patients at all.


I live in Wales and I have to say that some of the stuff that Plaid comes out with is downright embarrasing. They have policies that are downright IMPOSSIBLE to deliver so they are either not thought out or they are knowingly telling lies to the electorate.

For example.

They are pro EU (no problem with that - so am I). BUT then they say that they will create “50000 new jobs created by giving more Welsh public sector contracts to companies working in Wales.” (quote from their manifesto)

5000 extra jobs in Wales would be great **EXCEPT that EU law makes it completely illegal for a national government or government institution to stipulate that contracts must only go to companies based in that geographical area. **ALL government contracts over and above the absolute smallest (and by small, I mean TINY) have to go to open tender across the EU as a whole.

That is why we have French companies running major contracts in the UK (ATOS anyone???) and other large businesses domiciling in other EU countries that have more beneficial tax regimes so, whilst they earn their income in the UK they pay their tax to another country.

Plaid (and the Greens and SNP and UKIP) can offer voters the Moon on a Stick because they know that they cannot be in power and that they can blame the party that is when they cannot deliver the impossible.

Please look behind the manifesto headlines everybody. This is serious stuff, not a national “Letter to Santa”