independence referendum and nhs

lookin for some info, im not politcally savvy, infact i have no clue!

what i am wondering is if scotland becomes an independant country, how does that affect our nhs treatment? will i still be able to recieve my tysabri treatment?

it all confuses me



Good question! I think NHS Scotland already has different rules for some things.

If Scotland became independent, would it be a completely separate organisation? Perhaps this is something you should put to your MP, or whichever local candidate is pro independence?

You can’t be expected to vote on something if you don’t know what the consequences would be. However, with a question as specific as “Would I still get Tysabri?”, I’m guessing the answer is: “Nobody knows yet.” I shouldn’t think it’s something they’ve even thought about.

Tina (English, by the way - but curious about the answer too).


Its a problem that needs ironing out if Scotland decides to be independant. I would imagine they would have their own version of the nhs or maybe a private one like the US or OZ?

They would need perscription charges, parking charges etc to pay for a nhs, its one of many problems that can arise from being independant. But if thats what Scotland wants I’m sure it will wok.


i personally dont see the benefit of being an independent nation, and the lack of clarification on things makes me even more hopeful to remain part of the uk.

I agree and think we are much stronger together. Smart Alex is a shrewd politician, but hope he doesn’t win this one.

Apart from NHS you might like to ask about everything else.


EEC Membership

Nuclear weapons

Armed forces


Haggis (ok, you can keep that)

This little adventure led to the 1707 Act of Union.

Use your vote wisely.

As a Scottish person I think I will be voting no for this, there are just too many questions that no one knows (or wants to tell you) the answers to. There are already a split between both countries and I don’t think anyone should be trying to make that split bigger they should be finding a way for everyone to try and get on. Love thy neighbour and all that


I have long been in favour of home rule for England.

I don’t think the Alex cares what happens as long as he keeps on getting re-elected.

Personally I would be quite happy if England had its own National Assembly - it is the only part of the Union that does not.

But, please don’t get me started on this.


I’m ‘sitting on the fence’ on independence at the moment, but it seems obvious that Salmond is allowing the ‘no’ side to come up with all the negativeness now and then he’ll shout out all the answers and positives closer to the vote when the ‘no’ side has run out of steam and bored the pants of everybody. That’ s what happened at the last election. 20 points behind six weeks before vote became a crushing victory for the SNP. Regarding the NHS, it is already a separate organisation financed by the Scottish government so no change !