NHS Privatisation

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could hazard a guess as to what may happen if the NHS in Scotland becomes privatised? I am on Copaxone and have the fear that I may not be able to affort my treatment if this were to happen and I’d need to go without.

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hi i would,nt wory to much about the scottish nhs at the moment its the westminster lots affect on the very sick and disabled thats the

real wory g

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Hi Claire,

i must admit I am getting a bit worried about what is going to happen after 18 September. On the other hand why worry too much as there isn’t anything we can do about the situation. I think it’s a case of wait and see.

Just remember stress isn’t very good for us.

Take care

Mags xx

One model of a semi-privatised medical service is the one that Tony Blair stuffed us with - the NHS Treatment Centres.

Run by private companies, given substantial contracts, with guaranteed minimums, to do daycase and short stay surgery.
Anything that they did not want to do, the district hospitals had to plead a case to the relevant PCT for the money.

As for what happens after the Independence Referendum … … take a guess … …
One man has built his political career on the Independence campaign - the details have never been thought through, and the public have never been consulted. It’s not just the NHS. Who will pay all the benefits currently controlled from Westminster? It wants just one country to vote against an Independent Scotland joining the EU - and they don’t get in. What currency will they use then? The Scottish Pound will be just another small currency traded on the financial exchanges for a profit. And there are a lot more details that the public have been steered away from.

Home rule for England, I say.



Thanks everyone!

I know, I really need to calm down and all will be revealed in the next few weeks but it’s an extremely unsettling time. I think whether or not we’re given independence then NHS privatisation will be bound to happen but I certainly couldn’t stretch to afford my drugs.

The chances of proper Labour saving the NHS will be helped by the addition of 40 Scottish MP’s.

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Hi Little Miss Metalhead

If you live in Scotland and are concerned about the NHS following the independence referendum, please Google “Constitutional protection for the NHS” for further information and i hope this will help clarify things for you.x