Well it has started; THE NHS IS BEING PRIVATISED.

My District Nurse came to see me today and during the conversation she said “We have just been taken over by VIRGIN.” Did anyone know this was happening?


Wow I haven’t heard that I hope the unemployed and benefit claimers like me and many others won’t be affected too much

This is not really news, George. Have a look at:

And, to be honest, this started in the days when that nice Mr Bliar was PM. He set up the network of privatised NHS Treatment Centers - with the PCTs having to garantee the Centers a huge sum of money each year as a minimum. I heard that the one near me was told it would get £40 million per year (even if it did not do a single operation).

You can also look at the operation of the Circle Group prior to the present Government. All the two Cs (nearly put the Two Ronnies) have done is speeded things up a bit.


It’s not April 1st is it?

Thanks for info Doctor; I must say didn’t see that one coming. I’m a member of 38 degrees and haven’t usually got my head in the sand.

No Corkie it’s no joke and I’m sorry Jon; it may take a while but when profit starts to come before ‘health resources for everyone’ we will be the first to loose it.


I felt I must add my little bit to this conversation, but it was started to be taken over when Mrs Thatcher was PM. It is only now becoming obvious.


Hi George

I’ve heard rumblings of this one for a long time as I work for the NHS but didn’t really take much notice as Virgin have their fingers in so many pies, I didn’t think it would be long before it was privatised though, all the millions thats been wasted with ridiculous things such as choose and book etc etc. The NHS is a fast sinking ship in my opinion. Thinking about it though, Virgin have been creeping in with several aspects of health care, maybe I should have took more notice.


Blimey, what next the butcher to do ops, better still perhaps a turn the page back of history and barbers doing operations? In fact it would seem N Yorkshire Nhs is going bankrupt and drugs may be the first thing to be cut!!! Im going to stock up, anyone else? Dont fancy rything in pain because my local nhs cant afford my drugs. Its frightening, very frightening.



One of the changes under the new system is the legal obligation to consult with patients. I do not disagree with anything previously said but please if you feel this way at lease go and join the various patent groups and say what you feel.

My wife and I went to one on Wednesday and 10 people from Dorset turned up, now I share the cynicism that many feel about this ‘consultation’ and maybe going to these groups may be no more effective that ranting on message boards like this.

However my concern is that if people do not turn up at such meetings then the vested interests behind these moves have won without even any fight from the sick who will lose out.