Hiya, oh how lucky are those in England, this caring government has given the right to local councils to run NHS services in there area, does it meant that local GPS can’t run the services correctly, will it mean better services, eh, naw, it probably means that there are less dementia, obese, and suchlike in tory area’s, more cockups by this, worse than Maggie bloody Thatcher lot, government, please, please, voters in England and Wales, pretty please, vote this lot out, Brian


absolutely will do brian.

​manchester looks like being one of the early ones, living in greater manchester it does not make me happy

my whole family are labour.

keep the red flag flying!!


With you there Brian and Carole.

Our poor NHS is slowly being strangled. As a lot of you know I have seen this happening first hand when working for our wonderful NHS.

Shazzie x

Don’t actually remember it being any better under Labour either but there you go.

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I will be voting Labour.

I worked in the NHS. I know what the tories have done and plan to do to privatise it.





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You had to have worked in the NHS when both were in power to believe what we have witnessed Noreen. That is all I will say.

Shazzie x

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Labour will be getting my vote too. Not perfect by any means but better than the shower in office at the moment.

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The trouble with this discussion is that it is all too easy to blame “the other lot”, while forgetting that they change from time to time.
A lot of the problems with the NHS can be traced back to the days of Saint Margaret Thatcher, and the totally misguided Project 2000 scheme. It took student nurses out of the nursing workforce, and gave them supernumerary status. How to run short of nurses at a stroke. True it gave them a degree (of questionable value), which some people saw as raising the status of the nurse, but we ended up with a load of specialists who just did not have a solid background of ward experience.

So now there is a shortage of nurses (helped by the change from, trained nursing auxilliaries, to Health Care Assistants who did not have to have any training at all). So now we had trained nurses coming off shift and moving onto another ward as an Agency Nurse ( and thus doing a 16 hour day) at a higher cost than employing another nurse.

Now we have management running round in circles frantically trying to staff the wards properly and it got worse under the Major, and Blair governments. Blair made the classic mistake of believing what his civil servants told him - until the day he got ambushed on prime time television over the waiting list for heart operations. I was on that list at that time and the list was getting longer by about 4 weeks every month. bed blocking was a serious problem in some areas then (2000), and it could have been sorted out then. Fifteen years later and the problem is still there - no government has been prepared to do anything about it. OK, so Blair tried to shorten waiting lists with the NHS Treatment Centres, but this was the start of a privatised health service - don’t take my word for it, look up Care UK; the company that owns the Treatment Centres from Cornwall to Gloucestershire, to Portsmouth.

No, just blame “the other lot”.


my other half is convinced that government (probably all parties) are trying to run the nhs in to the ground, so it can be chopped up and sold privately. we might moan now but if this happens well railways springs to mind!

Perhaps it would help your husband to read up on the manifesto for each party in order to make an informed choice…that will be Labour. What do the Tories care about the ordinary working man and our NHS. All they care about is the rich.

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Sorry, could be wife or neither