At Last

Good day folks, is the “strong” leader of this caring government at last giving what the majority wanted, a leak memo has stated a proposal to stop low paid immigrants coming into the country, no more benefit fraudulent stealing British jobs, will many deaths result in this, killed in the stampede by our young highly skilled folk to get these jobs, or will the fruit/veg rot in the fields before our pampered young give up the baby production, paid for council house they are used to, for the pittance (they think) for working in terrible conditions at a time they are thinking about getting up, Brian ps, this is not a blanket condemnation of the young.

no, not a general condemnation I know,but pretty damn near the truth!


i’m sick and fed up of brexit and its aftermath.

locally we have a very newly established polish community and they are great.

also i feel sorry for the younger generation, looking back we had it easy (ish).

i was so right to buy that t-shirt that says “Don’t blame me - I Voted Labour”

carole x

My wife and I needed someone to come in twice a week to do some house work the first person turned up at the correct time made a good job everything rosy bit side’s but never turned up again the next was in her 70s was very willing but not able

We had three that got the job but never turned up then we had a polish lady come for an interview ,got the job she is just great

She comes on time and does an exelant job. While our folk of all ages seem happy to exist on the pickings from benifits.