Cameron keeps harping on about reforming benefits and making ‘work pay’ but Im incensed by the fact my son who has learning difficulties is desperate for a job yet he cannot find one. Hes had numerous interviews and on his last I told him to come clean about his speech difficulties before the interview began as he keeps getting rejected, not good for the soul and hes been very depressed.

If this mantra is extended to all disabled under their criteria ‘disability is no longer a disability because we say so’ (review of DLA to PIP), and benefits reduced isnt that rather like saying: we shall make sure you can afford to heat your homes when in fact there is no heat to be had etc?

When is someone in government/charities going to address the need of jobs before people are stripped of their only means of survival?

I expect what is to come might be because there are certain events running this year which will cost an arm and a leg - oh and our rich masters need to keep up with their lifestyles.

Am I being too cynical?

Not at all mate!

gone anon as don’t want this to come back on me via Benefits people etc being pi*t!

Anway, agree with what you are saying. Often wonder why, if we (the people who voted at elections etc) voted these pratts in; then how come we can’t overthrow them now?

As nothing seems to be changing for the working and lower classes that will benefit us. There are a lot of things that are speedily getting worse for us though.

However, I do not know anything about politics really and still believe that as a civil society we still need some sort of goverment. some sort of order to our society.

Maybe if we elected or pushed our local MPs into parliment, as in the ones that we know personally and can see that they are their for the communities that they live in; then maybe then things will change. As far as I know ( and this is a purely uneducated in politics opinion here), most of the people in parliment seem to be ‘silver spoons in their mouths’ type of people with no real understanding of the real world.

How we would make this happen without any chaos or violence etc - WHICH I DO NOT WANT OR AM ASKING FOR BTW - I really do not know.