Back to square one!

Well my son was put into the WRAG group of ESA, then got changed over to permitted work on contributory from income based once he found a small job (few hours). Now work has told him theyre going to finish him after a weeks notice because ‘he cannot cope under stress’, ‘nor do the job’. Well honestly, he has learning difficulties and I could have told any employer that he HAS PROBLEMS. So what did he do - walk out in temper, he lost it.

According to Welfare Rights to get into the support group he has to sing from the same sheet as me - as Im his mother and carer and know hes not capable of maintaining any position at work (autistic tendancies). So looks like hes at home again and I have to ring the ESA dept up to tell them whats happened.

Not only did I have to hang onto the phone whilst Welfare rights answered for 200 mins, but Ill have the same with ESA (DWP), usually 30 mins. Memories, wish they were distant.

Doesnt anyone in the government realise what we have to go through just to maintain some kind of normality. Why push people who are incapable of working into work? - and dont get me going on the hoops we have to get through to prove there are medical issues involved. Whoever is going to admit their naff at things - admitting their less than perfect?

A very upset and angry mum, although not with my son, for he knows no harm nor wishes it upon others.

take care fellow msers, life is sh.t if we let it get to us.



So not only did I think we were out of government grasps but now we start the whole procedure again no doubt.

Meant to say 20 mins not 200 mins, I really would have been bald by then!



Got no brain to answer today but after 27 yrs of working with adults with learning disabilities my thoughts are with you.crap day I’m sorry


Oh bren! I know how hard it was to get your P into work. you must be so pe…d off with all this.

Now you have to go through it all yet again.

On top of that you have your own issues to nurse.

Thinking of you.

luv Pollx