Is it tough love for the disabled?

For the past few weeks Ive been trying to sort out my sons ESA - he was on work related (with limited capabilities for work). Now hes managed to find a job for 12 and three quarter hours, assuming the work is there, hes now on permitted work for one year only.

Upon ringing for advice, unless he can work 16 hours or more within that year allowing him to claim disabled working tax he will lose his contributory ESA and be left with approx £300 for the month to live on, which to me isnt a living wage, bearing in mind he will have to pay board etc. With deductions it would leave him a lot less than the equivalent ESA.

When I enquired about what happens then was told he should have taken up voluntary work, or tried to earn £20 then his income related benefit would have been kept. So now Im of the opinion that trying to work has its catches. Either work more hours than ones health would allow, or be in a situation like my son hoping a miracle can happen in the next year or so.

Was this why contributory ESA was limited for a year, so those trying to work a few hours could live on their meagre wages at the ending of payments? Not only that, it is those who are disabled in some way, find it difficult to fulfil a full week at work, want to be part of society by doing their bit, then end up living in poverty trying to chase some kind of normality and fulfil ones moral duty.

I think perhaps moral duty should be eradicated, since no politician has any moral clout, they are to me morally corrupt thinking the disabled can work miracles on meagre incomes and meagre because they cannot fulfil a full time agenda because of their health.

Rant over,



Tough love?

Tough s*** more like, bren.

Condemned if you do work, condemned if you don’t - ever get the feeling This Government would just like the disabled to disappear?

Your son has had a crap deal, totallly cruel, I know he’s desperate to work.

It’s SO unfair.

Keep your pecker up, Sweetie.


-thanks A, yes he just wanted to be like everyone else without any stigma that is. Now because he is coping with these few hours I get the impression any work is just that - although he couldnt cope with any more hours.

Dont the officials realise everyone needs the experience of doing something constructive, being able to socialise otherwise theyre housebound, need some monies in their pockets in order to live without fear of going hungry.

Im only his appointee/mother however I do worry about what will happen if I should not be around. Even those who we ask for advice from seem to think its none of our business, when in actual fact I do all the organising, sorting. Do they not realise we actually care what happens to our children.

Im gobsmacked though that support will be shortlived. How many other thousands are out there wondering what next with no safety net as its being taken away slowly but surely.




i really dont know what to say…


Hi Bren

I don’t know what to say either, you just think things are improving and everything is getting sorted out to make life a bit easier for you and your son then they knock you down again. Get the feeling all the phonecalls where a waste of time and money just like our government.

Love Yvonne xx

Hi Zelda & Yvonne,

Thanks for your concern. Im very worried for all those on ESA who may find out the same as we have. We try our best yet are penalised for doing same.

I do hope this government hang their heads in shame on the 29th August at the parolympics. No doubt theyll be ticking them off one by one saying theyre not in need of any disabilities money. How do they know, do they walketh in our shoes?

take care,



Bren I really feel for you and your son,from my experience the whole ESA lark is a joke.

I was assessed by ATOS as being totally fit for work and yet my work are getting rid of me as they see me as totally unable for work which is seconded by an independant occy health.

They have no idea that conditions are variable and as you say how can you pay a mortgage and all the household bills on £300.

Good job your son has you,and I have my hubby as I can imagine the desperation of people who are faced with this alone.

Keep strong


It stinks!

luv Pollx

Thanks Pip and Poll,

The whole system did need reviewing however not in favour of cuts all over the place, it needed to be fair because if people have no other way of earning a crust and are disabled/ill, what hope.

Me thinks this government doth not realise how much some people do have to live on. Perhaps they should get their noses away from their own and start living like us on the same income, then see their expenses go through the roof (whoops they already have - wonder why).

Take care,



Awe Pat, Im so sorry about your own family predicament. Illness is cruel in itself but to make us have to ask for monies, when like youve said youve paid more than enough over the years, then be given a pittance is a smack in the face on top of illness.

If I were you, I would get help and reapply for DLA, you sound like your struggling with your mobility. Only people who get help from outside agencies tend to get their just amounts. I recently met a young man diagnosed with PPMS, suffering badly and hes only just got Mobility element of DLA, even though hes got care issues too - he got help from his ms nurse. The whole system is geared towards people failing to get their dues - designed to be hard to crack the nut.

I hope one day those who put down the disabled themselves experience disability/illness, then see for themselves how people struggle and have to live with stress due to government departments refusing us any help without a fight, especially when there is hardly any energy left to fight.

I wish you well for the future and hope this government listens, although I doubt it, they dont seem interested in anyone but themselves.



I feel for anyone needing help from the goverment these days… They are cruel and only out for themselves.

I have had to learn the hard way… they took me off ESA as they think I am fit for work… that is not the case at all… 3 days a week around I can get around with a walking stick if I am lucky but most days I need a wheel chair and a bed close by as I pass out alot…

I have a rent of £300 a month and my partner pays the other half with £100 a month electric bills a month Gas is £90 a month, £80 phone bill a month, £150 cancil tax a month. There are many more but I lost track of the others…

I now only have £400 to live off a month with DLA and now they r gonna mess with that next year… it’s sods law… Because my partner earns £1k a month I have no help with Council tax water bills or medications…

My meds a month are £50 odd a month and we r in a tight spot, £1k don’t get u that far when you look at the bills that we have…

The joke is I have a letter from my doctor and neurologist saying I can not keep down a full time or par t time job and my condition is getting worse. That is not good enough for the support group… It is a real mess and I hope these people get voted out soon…

hi bren

esa is a joke just had mine stopped after medical that stated that because i actually turned up for it went against me

they want to get you off benifits to work then no help your on your own

hope everything works out


Hi Steve,

My son was asked how he managed to get to his medical assessment and as I spoke on his behalf I purposely made it clear I BROUGHT HIM as he would have difficulty getting to the centre because it was being held in a very strange place with strangers who he wouldnt trust.

Ive heard others being asked the same. When you apply again, and I would, get someone to take you and bring you home again and tell it as it is.

Thanks for your input, and good luck for the future.



Moogle Star: why the heck are you paying £50 p.m. for meds? That’s £600 a year. Even people not entitled to free prescriptions (yep, that includes me too!) can cap it at £104 by buying a pre-pay certificate. That will cover ALL your prescriptions for the year, no matter how much they come to (and even if new meds get added during the year).

It works out most economical to buy a whole year’s worth if you’re able to - and if you know your medicine consumption won’t go down during the year (pretty unlikely, for most of us with MS).

But if £104 as a lump sum is too much, you can get them for shorter intervals at once. Three months is just £29.10 - or a saving of over £120 on what you currently spend in the same period.


Just to say, you can pay the year’s ‘subscription’ monthly too!

Good fact is I am doing the £104 cert a year now too :slight_smile: I get 7 - 10 pescriptions a month which is £7.10 each or something…

How ever this Cert is no help from the goverment but the NHS which is why I stand by what I said…

as of the NHS needs less money… You know I went to see my conservative MP once. He was late for the appointment as he just got back from his hoilday in Australia…

My carer watched his eyes as he was so un interested… Then I got a letter back the day after saying, there is no way he can help me…

Now if he even tried it would not of came back the day after…

Hi Bren, it’s sounds like your son is in a situation where he can not win whatever he does and I know that all your son wants is a job and it sounds to me like you and your son have both tried very hard. Others will be in the sane situation. It really beggars belief and I am at a loss as to what to say. The government say they want to get disabled people back to work and that is a fine idea in principle but they haven’t really thought things out. Bren, I will send you a pm, I have been very caught up with my house extension the last few weeks, lol, and now the children are back at school we need to have a think for Friday and prepare some homework about how thy were inspired by the Olympics! Cheryl:-)

as of the NHS needs less money… You know I went to see my conservative MP once. He was late for the appointment as he just got back from his hoilday in Australia…

My carer watched his eyes as he was so un interested… Then I got a letter back the day after saying, there is no way he can help me…

Now if he even tried it would not of came back the day after…

Also a word of advice the second the benefit system knows u can work 5 hours a week you are in trouble… :frowning: Its not right but they tend to be like this :(!!!