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I ain’t sure if any of you are aware but the Welfare Reform Bill is passing through the House of Lords at the moment. I wasn’t aware of this but the government were planning on scrappijng the contributory element of ESA on disabled children who will never be able to work.

The Coalition has just suffered three, yes THREE, defeats so far inthe House of Lords reading of the Welfare Reform Bill. These are:

  1. They have scrapped the plan of not allowing any disabled children being able to claim Contributory ESA.

  2. They have stopped the goverment from scrapping the Contributory element for people who are receiving treatemnt for cancer.

  3. This is the really BIG one that will affect a lot of MS’ers on here, especially those who have working spouse. The time limit of Contributory ESA has been increased from one year to two years!



Why oh why has this effing useless word fuilter noyt aloowed me to use the wortd scra pping! This is unbelievable f***ing joke!

It filtered me on re hear sed last week, (take out the spaces). Cheryl:)


The time limit only applies to people who are in the Work Related Activity Group and have working spouse who works more than 22 hours a week and earns more than £149 pw. It does include the Support group for the most disabled of people


Let me attempt an unfiltered answer:

It is because of les branleurs qui programmed the filter.

Shall we see how that comes through?


Cra ppy filter…

BUT yes great news re welfare reform bill.


It’s because it’s realtively new and administered by humans, who, on occasion, make mistakes.

I have tweaked it in the word filter - please just flag these kind of problems and we’ll sort them. And please don’t restort to obscene langauge to make your point

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Every single post, its worse than ever!

I have signed the petition Andy, can’t believe what my lovely country is becoming, it makes me depressed and very sad.