I am Spartacus! Welfare Reform Bill Update!

Welfare reform is being debated now! amendments in the House of Lords yesterday on three key areas and for a while it looked like things were in our favour but ESA for Disabled children vote was reversed by Lord Freud late last night!!


Get involved add your name to the e petition at


The spartacus report was compiled by disabled people and we now need your help to stop the ConDems from overturning all the amendements made in the House of Lords!

Twitter your support at spartacusreport#

Email your MP and let them know you dont agree with the welfare reform bill! its your benefits their cutting!


Check out this blog too by Sue Marsh


I am spartacus and I support the responsible reform report!!!



Please contact for further explanation


Looking for someone on lower rate care base in london ish  who would talk to the press about how loosing it will affect them please email me, [email removed by Moderator]


many thanks Cheryl XXX

Ive already signed it.


I am a carer, ms sufferer and osteoporosis sufferer.  I never changed from low rate care although my needs are a lot higher.  Complicated as being carer means low rate care - but we actually care for each other, my son having learning difficulties.


What will happen to us, we cannot live on fresh air and I need DLA to survive - mobility & care - which should be a lot higher.


I dont live in London, wished I did cos I would help with your quest.


I hope empathy with the plight of the disabled wins through although Ive a feeling nobody cares much.  Not only that, there is a knock on effect of loss of benefits be it ESA or DLA - no dentistry, no free prescriptions, loss of housing benefit, council tax benefit and most of all CARE & MOBILITY.


Oh what wonderful days where we are left feeling so vulnerable.  Surely medically its inhumane to put us through all this?  Where are all the voices besides the Lords.  Arent our politicians human?




Benefits & works suggest as many msers should sign this petition in order to try save DLA.  If not PIP will be brought in and many msers will lose part or all of their benefit if government get their way.  All depends on the interpretion of disability - raising the bar for those already receiving DLA.


Charities have not been listened to about the result of withdrawing DLA and MP's have been given a slightly flowered view of those in favour of PIP replacing DLA - whereas the truth is 98% of charities and disabled themselves have never had their views taken into account.

Thanks for your replies, Sue Marsh Disability actavist  was on newsnight last night with Grayling and theres been positive media representation in the press including the guardian telegraph and suprisingly the Daily Mail too, I think its next tuesday that more debates will take place about DLA and PIP but the underlying problem is that the Gov broke their own rules with the consultation in the first place!


Please sign and share this link with your friends and family and help us with this e petition


If your on facebook look up " Bendy Girl" and follow her but if your on twitter look up spartacusreport#


We cant let them get away with this but only by geting involved can we change these plans!


thank you for your help!


Cheryl XX

All done e petition signed



Glad to see the MS society are supporting the spartacus report


Keep the votes coming people


Thanks xx