Welfare Reform Bill! your help is needed to stop the madness!

Welfare reforms and benefit cuts are hitting us all, and the process to make them law has to be approved by the Queen in the form of Royal Assent ( i.e agreeing to the Welfare Reform Bill) please join us in asking the Queen to stop the madness! please sign and share by clicking the link below and completing your details thanks XXX



Signed it xxjo



I've signed it, but the authentication email hasn't come through letdown

Maybe the system is too busy with loads of people signing the petition?!

Karen x

Done it. Julsiexx

Have signed, and had the confirmation mail back, would be wonderful if the Queen did withhold her consent.



-Me too, hope it helps.  Surely there is such a thing as moral duty to ensure the vulnerable are protected and by that I mean 'all disabled people'.




Done ;-))))))



Teresa xx


Sarah x

Signed as well



I still haven't had the confirmation email, but when I try and sign it again it tells me that my email address has already be used. WTF?


On a related note, I got a reply to the MSS mass email that was sent to MPs earlier this week. My (Conservative) MP simply spouted the company line about how wonderfully well they will continue to look after the most vulnerable - utter b*ll*cks basically angry

Karen x

Thank you lovely MS people for taking the time to sign, confirmation emails are taking a while and some are getting blocked by filters so check your spam / junk box but could take up to 24 hrs.


thanks again and spread the word, there is some talk of the lords taking the Gov to court over unfair use of " finincial privaledge" but will update when I know more.


Keep warm the snows coming XXXXXX

All signed.

Jacky x

Added my signature

Many thanks please share with your friends, facebook, twitter etc, I got my confirmation email this morning 48 hours after I signed we are hoping sheer numbers are slowing it down and that more than are currently showing have signed this as were at 1249 right now.


Hope tha snow melting where you are XXX