Pat's Petition

Hi all,

I hope you are well and don’t mind me posting again about Pat’s petition .

If you haven’t already, please consider signing Pat’s petition and sharing it via email and social media.

Several large organisations have now agreed to support Pat’s Petition ( and their numbers are growing daily.

Thus far there are RNIB, RADAR, Disability Alliance, CarerWatch, The Broken of Britain, CarersUK, DPAC, Benefits and Work, Pain Concern, Inclusion Scotland, Sue Marsh – Diary of a Benefit Scrounger, Carers Forum uk, University and College Union, The Afiya Trust, Autism Rights, Benefits and Work and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

I wondered if would consider supporting Pat’s Petition and raising awareness of it, via your website & Facebook page and possibly writing a short message of support to go on the CarerWatch website (comments below the body of the message -

As CarerWatch say in their introduction to Pat’s Petition, there is massive concern over the huge extent of both the welfare reforms and the cuts. Pat’s Petition is an opportunity is an opportunity for all of us to get together and request a review of the monumental cuts to services and benefits which are having a massively disproportionate and negative effect on people with disabilities, their carers and families.

Many thanks,

Neuronerd -done Sharing on fb too.

Many thanks both - I’ve just signed yours as well Mel !!



In case anyone hasn’t signed it yet.

Karen x

Me and my hubby have signed it

Lynne x

Me too,