Pat's Petition! Closes at midnight! Have you signed??? (link)

Pat’s petition closes at midnight tonight (Wednesday).

Have you signed??? Very important to save our benefits.

If you can’t remember if you signed or not, sign now and it will tell you if you already signed.

Desperately need more signatures!!!

Pat (it’s not my petition… another Pat) x

Done Xx

Done :slight_smile: Sam x

Done x

I signed and my friend x

It’s open until 10.12 am.

So there’s still time to sign!

Pat x

Closed now… got a total of 62,132 signatures.

I think the goal was 100,000 so not sure what it means that it was fewer than that. Anyone know?

Was trending a couple of times on Twitter in last 12 hours and loads of people signed just over the past few hours. I even got the Morning Star newspaper to retweet!

Pat x