The WOW Petition needs you!

Hi guys, the WOW petition, which is asking for the end of Work Capability Assessments and other changes to the benefits system for sick and disabled people, is still desperately trying to get more signatures.

It has 62,727 signatures right now but needs 100,000 by 12/12 … please read the petition to understand it more.

I know loads of you have signed it… but if you haven’t, or if you know of others who haven’t, please try to get it signed.

It only takes a minute but is very important for all of us who are ill, disabled and dependent on benefits.

Here is the link to the petition:

Please share the link on Facebook or Twitter if you use them.

Thank you,

Pat x

62,823 now. Still lots of signatures needed. Debs xx

Done. Didn’t know about this one so thanks Pat for drawing it to my attention.

If you are not sure if you’ve already signed, sign again and it will tell you if you already signed.

Keep it going folks…

Pat x

Done it!


Not very good to bump your own post up… but I’m doing it for WOW Petition…

Please sign if you haven’t already.

The petition was started by the fabulous comedian Francesca Martinez… if you’ve never seen her perform, check her out on YouTube.

Pat x

i signed this a while back but thanks for bringing it to others


I signed it a while ago too Sue

This is good article by the impressive Francesca.

Signed it x

OK signed and shared on FB.

I`ve just signed it, especially as my wife is being put through so much stress as a result of it

Just voted, count is now over 63,000.


Done x


Can non UK residents sign it?

Sorry, site says you have to be a UK citizen Good luck with this though

Have you signed?

If you are not sure, try to sign. It will tell you if you’ve already signed.

Just takes a minute and is so important!

Pat x