PIP - Do not give up

Just battled the appalling PIP system. Was initially awarded just the standard rate for the mobility component, nothing for daily living. Mandatory Reconsideration changed nothing, nothing new there. Went to appeal and have now been awarded enhanced rates for both components, no more than what I was entitled to.

Help and advice is out there. I owe a lot to Citizens Advice, MS Society, Benefits and Work web site and other forum users.

Don’t give up!



well done you for really taking it all the way!

why can they not just let us go directly to tribunal?

the same bloody paperwork that the DWP turned down 3 times was passed by tribunal.

carole x

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Thank you Carole When we are at our lowest ebb we are asked to jump through countless hurdles and put through stresses that those at their fittest would struggle to cope with. Strength in numbers! Giova

to quote shelley “we are many, they are few”.

those Romantic poets were a proper group of communists!

also jeremy corbyn, “for the many, not the few”.

now see what bloody PIP has gone and done, it’s got us talking politics!

sorry cheeky

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hi, i am new and i just like to know how do you cope with the (hang over feeling) is the best way i can describe, i have been poorly for the best part of 20 years and have had muscle pain and fatigue but this feeling is getting more frequent as in most days.any ideas on how to relieve it.

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Fine by me!

I’m no friend of Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg and the rest of their mates.

So pleased for you Giova.

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Awesome news and thanks for reporting back on this.I think its very important that people can read positive follow ups as its only natural that many dont (think they) have the strength or knowledge to fight this horrible system, hopefully someone else going through the same will read your story and be inspired and find the fight and strength to stand up for themselves against the dwp.



I just wish upon hope upon bloody unlikely REALLY WANT, the minister for the dept of work and pensions, whom I hold in less than zero percent regard, would be made to sit in a room with us all, with duct tape over her mouth so that she physically can’t interrupt or talk over the top of us and listen to story after story of stress, heartache, emotional distress and the worsening of this disease. For as long as it takes to see one measly shred of compassion from her.

And then I woke up.

Rant over.

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Hello MrsH​

That was no rant. Rather a heartfelt, impassioned plea that I alongside many others sit alongside you with, sharing the same feeling and pain.

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Thank you. We have all got to keep in mind that we are only asking for what we are entitled to and without having to break ourselves physically and mentally to achieve it.


I forgot to state that the my award was changed without having to sit in front of a Tribunal. Also before two key bits of evidence were sent. Letters from my GP and MS Nurse were not received in time to send with the Appeal documents, I was going to present them at the Appeal. The only new evidence sent with the Appeal docs were letters from 2 friends and my wife which alongside my long detailed letter seems to have done the trick.

The DWP sent me a letter stating that they had stopped the appeal and had changed my award.

It was a long hard extremely stressful struggle to get to this point but please persevere, do not check the towel in, you will do it!

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Hi s r m


I know exactly what you are going through, I have the same symptoms.

What medications are you on?

All the best


are you saying that you were put through the first part of the application, then you went through the mandatory reconsideration process and were asking for a tribunal and it was then the DWP changed their mind? i.e. when you asked to get a 3rd party involved, if so then that is awful, good for you in getting your award but in my mind it lets the DWP “off the hook”. The tribunal process and the results need to be highlighted to show and illustrate that the “process” as it currently is, is not fit for purpose. No tribunal is one less, “we got it right” for the DWP

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I have the dreaded letter. Was supposed to receive it by 31st August. Didn’t receive it til 10th or 11th Sept. Got to be in by Friday!! Tried telephoning to get an extension. Phone just cuts off. Any advice please? Filling in this form. Dr.on holiday. No specialist…

Help filling in your PIP claim form - Citizens Advice.


I agree with you Charlie. The DWP and their cronies like ATOS push you, as in my case, to the brink of an emotional and physical breakdown and then admit they were wrong! It is as you said. Applied for PIP, had assessment, awarded standard rate for mobility for three years, went through Mandatory Reconsideration which changed nothing, asked to go to Appeal, obtained more evidence from MS Nurse and GP which refuted all the assumptions and decisions of DWP. These were not ready in time for me to send with appeal paperwork so was going to present on the day on arrival at tribunal. The extra evidence sent with appeal documents were letters from my wife, two friends and a very long detailed letter from myself quoting several legal precedents set In court affecting PIP claims, a great deal of assistance was given to me by knowledgeable others on this forum.

Was now waiting for a date to be set for the appeal. Then after a number of weeks I received a letter from DWP stating my appeal will not continue and that the decision had been changed, I would now be awarded the enhanced rates for both the daily living and mobility components for an ongoing period.

Whilst delighted with this I was also angry that I was pushed to the limit by DWP before coming to the correct decision.

They had not even received the evidence I had from MS Nurse and GP:

What is their MO

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Is this the PIP claim form that has been received? You can get an extension of the date.

If it is the claim form take your time to fill in, add everything that you can think of.

Good luck

Their MO appears to be to pay as little as possible, if you take it to appeal, I.e. Spend lots of time and effort, be willing to stand up in a tribunal to state how you are right and you are confident they are wrong, we are clearly believe we are worth going to an appeal. If dwp are dragged to an appeal, they have to send someone confident they are correct, in most cases I have been made aware of the dwp just don’t have the assurance a tribunal will be asking for so why waste people’s time, or, turn up to appeal and then they look foolish when it is clear they are wrong.

i want the tribunal as I have nothing to hide, and it will be clear dwp are clearly wrong, and I will use this tribunal to illustrate the process needs addressing as much as I can. I have already made contact with the ms society press office. I am more than happy to illustrate the faults and inefficiencies this process has and suggest possible solutions.

Watch this space


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The unfairness and inefficiencies of the whole process is universally agreed. It is clearly without any doubt been set up to make it difficult for claimants who by the nature of their conditions are already weak.

I also was confident that I was right, that I was honest in my application and was preparing a detailed presentation for the tribunal with irrefutable evidence from health professionals that actually understand MS and was to a greater extent looking forward to the opportunity of showing how despicable the DWP are. Confidence can be gleaned from the fact that about 70% of appeals are won so as you say the DWP are somewhat reluctant to go appeal where the evidence to be presented is strong and where they know that they have pulled a fast one.

Good luck

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