DWP achieving most objectives with me


Am having a reconsideration of my PIP claim. Here is how the DWP has fared.

1.To break and reduce me to tears

Achieved with distinction

  1. To accuse me of making up my symptoms


3.To convince themselves against all medical evidence that MS has no disabling symptoms.


4.To learn and accept what the words unpredictable and fluctuating mean.


5.To learn their relevance to MS and the legal judgements won to protect MS sufferers claiming PIP.


  1. To hire a “medical professional” with no knowledge or experience of MS to assess me and not reveal what her medical expertise is.


7.To deprive me of dignity.

Achieved with honours.

8.To make sure I am rung by the most aggressive, dismissive and disbelieving decision maker with no knowledge of MS or of the legal precedents won for PIP claimants with MS.


  1. To make me even more depressed.


10.To make me question the point of carrying on as I am.


put in a request for mandatory reconsideration. you will have to complete another form, the same as the first. however if/when this is turned down, let them know that you outright disagree. the next stage is a tribunal. the good news is that these are not run by the DWP. legal bods looking for fairness. i got my higher rate of both components reinstated after the tribunal. the same damn paperwork that the DWP rejected twice was finally accepted.

Thank you catwomanCarole58.

I am going through a mandatory reconsideration and the forms have been sent in and received by DWP which is why the aggressive dwp decision maker phoned to question and confuse me.

I was only awarded the lower rate of the daily living part and nothing for mobility section, they only scored me 10. Without doubt I should have been awarded the higher rate for both. I have PPMS which is wearing me down. Now I’m afraid of losing the lower rate that I’ve been awarded.

May I ask what you mean when you say that you got your higher rate of both reinstated? Were you originally awarded it for just one part then had it taken away following a mandatory reconsideration? If so that really scares me.

Im not sure if I have enough in me to go to appeal. The thought of all the work and preparation required is making me even more ill than I already am.

thank you


GPs are the most important for PIP evidence

The GPs will write a Factual Report on you for the DWP - they are contracted to do this by the government - so go see your GP and tell them about your functionality re. the PIP descriptors. Tell your GP what help you get with driving, washing, dressing cooking etc.,

Get your GP to write a ‘To whom it may concern letter’ for PIP and pay for it

(mine cost £13) and get all your difficulties listed in the letter.

You also have a legal right to a Care Plan from your GP OR MS Nurse for PIP. You can include this too, it will give evidence

of your disability, the aids you need to use, and the levels of care you need. PIP assessors expect to see this kind of NHS paperwork.

Also get Carers Statements (signed) on what they help you with, and how many hours a week they help you. (This can be informal carers relatives or friends etc.,. unpaid or paid care) This evidence helps builds a picture of your daily care needs.

Good luck!


Note: Not being able to drive indicates poor functionality and will score points.


PIP factual report form revealed

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You say “without doubt i should have been awarded higher rate for both”? is this a gut feeling or based on looking at all the descriptors,points and other guidelines?(i have a copy fairly close to hand if you have any specific questions i might be able to help by private message if you prefer)Have you had a copy of the HCP’s report? for my wifes ESA one this was an absolute work of fiction i would guess from both incompetency and dishonesty in equal measures!

Have you assistance from someone like citizens advice?

Having been through assisting my wife to get ready for a (ESA) tribunal(well kind of taking it on fully on her behalf in the end) i can’t pretend it isn’t stressful getting ready for it but the actual tribunal once you are there is most certainly as relaxed and friendly as it can be.It can be done just on the paperwork with out you there if neccessary.The hardest thing for me on the day was waiting for my turn to speak and i did have to be REMINDED! several times.

I hate the way people are being bullied by these people and do understand the feeling to give up but its designed that way deliberately so try not to give in to them if you can possibly help it!


Hi PJday

thank you. Just to confirm that I had been awarded the lower rate of the daily living part. I can at present drive for short periods and totally dependent on the state of my fluctuating symptoms. The aggressive man dealing with my mandatory reconsideration who rung me also knows this. I cannot really give up driving whilst I’m still can do a small amount of it and I never read anywhere about the negative impact of it.

I have made myself more ill with all stress worry of researching my initial pip application and then the reconsideration letter. I consider myself an intelligent man so there must be less able people who have gone through this complex process successfully.

i have no carers, my wife and children support and help me.

care plan from ms nurse is a new one to me. I have 2 ms nurses, one in London where I am undergoing trial therapy and one more local to me in Kent. Neither have mentioned anything about a care plan.

By the way your first link does not work

thank you


hi giova

​i had higher rate for both components for DLA.

this was then transferred to PIP.

then all hell broke loose.

my advice is to fight it, don’t give in!

they are a bunch of bullies.

if they take away your benefit because of the mandatory reconsideration - FIGHT IT!!

honestly, it’s a nightmare.

my symptoms flared right up,

i really wanted to give up but luckily i followed it through.

i had help from welfare rights.

Hi catwomanCarole58

ive never heard of welfare rights. Just googled it but don’t seem to be one in my location plus I believe one needs to be referred to them. Is that correct?




welfare rights are based at my local town hall so it’s a local government thing.

CAB do similar work.

i didn’t need to be referred just phoned up and asked for an appointment.