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good day to all us lucky disabled folk in MSland and elsewhere, how lucky are we to have a caring government as we have at the moment, a extra 50 billion spent this year on us gimps, the OAPs well looked after as well, and to top it off we have the strongest leader, ever, to sort out those rouges in the EU over Brexit, she can even manage NOT to appear in the leaders debate but send in some low secretary who lost her father two days ago to announce just how lucky we are in having this conservative government, I know that my off shore tax haven monies has quadrupled in the last few years due to the immigrant workers I employ on the side being paid pennies extra on top of their hundreds of pounds benefits they’re paid per week. Wonder if our “beloved” prime minister was A) watching coronation st or the debate on telly, B) washing her hair, or C) cleaning up the excrement she has passed because of said debates, Brian (God bless a good old fashioned socialist, Mr Corbyn)

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I am not a Tory supporter in any way, shape or form and I certainly don’t rate Amber Rudd as Home Secretary at all BUT describing her as a “low secretary” is a bit off. Home Secretary is one of the “great offices of State” and, as HS, Amber Rudd is one of 3 people deputy to the Prime Minister so she is pretty important in this current government. God help us all :frowning:

… And it could have been worse - the Foreign Secretary is one of the other “big cheeses” in the Cabinet. They could have sent BORIS!!! Eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!

I think this comment from Amando Iannucci is rather appropriate.

“So far, the only person Theresa May has debated on TV is her husband”.

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I have carers coming in to help me get dressed in the morning. Not on minimum wage, but not far above it. The four that I have asked are all voting Tory. We live in a mad world.

education is needed to get the general public to see through the propaganda put out by the sun and the mail.

it makes me want to scream.

we have a lovely MP where i live if we get a labour government.

she turned up on my doorstep and asked me if i was personally being hurt by tory policy.

i just said “PIP” and she shuddered.

she really understands.