British Airways so professional

When Scotland gets it's independance it will be SCOTTISH Airways!


It's a good one!



 We've been 'United' for too long - 'MY' Relatives have FOUGHT AND DIED FOR a 'united kingdom'. The Queen is not even a PROPER monarch.


(I have Scottish cousins who live in england - my uncle is high up in the legal profession - I don't hate the english - they are quite welcome. My late parents fought abroad in WW2. Scotland deserves independance) We will also have a 'crack' at finding a CURE FOR MS! which we would share with the english and everyone else!  

You are talking to the converted but I cannot for the life of me see how BA and Scotland are relevant because of my post.


As far as I'm concerned YES Scotland; if the majority want it; should be independant.  Yes JK R must give her money to whoever she wants.


When I was Trustee the only people on the Board who would back me were the two Scottish Trustees.  Like when the vote came to increase the CEO wages I voted against so did the two Scottish Trustees.  The others all voted to give an above inflation riise; disgusting.