Brian Cox speech 25/05/2012 - Why I support Scottish Independence...


I’m replying to my own message - I know that it’s not MS but it helps to have other interests? If you are ‘concerned’ about the ‘content’ then listen to the speaker - he talks about London (where he worked) and how he doesn’t dislike ‘the English’ - in fact he likes them. The speaker comes from Dundee - so do I.


Do you live in New York too?

Hi Marcus, I don’t really understand what your saying, why would he dislike the English? I’m Scottish by the way. Julsiexx

i could listen to him all day. he makes a very academic subject so easy! and he’s a bit easy on the eye!

carole x

I thought his speech was brilliant; I also think Scotland should have their independance if the people want it.


Thanks for all your responses. I am Scottish ‘born and bred’. I have relatives who live in england - one attended Fettes and Oxford Uni. I’m all for Scottish Independence. The ‘speaker’ comes from Dundee which is where I’m from. I don’t dislike the english.


(Oh and by the way, I have had MS for 13+ years - I used to ‘run’ but now I can hardly walk without assistance)