Scotlands point of view re Independance

Hi Everyone,

I am English and all we here on the news is that Scotland wants Independance, I was wondering if this is what the majority of Scotland think or is it just hype on the square box? I say I’m English and I am, but my mother was born in Scotland so I have an infinity with Scotland. I have uncles and cousins that come from Scotland and have always thought of us all being as one country. I mean no offence to anyone by asking this question just curious.



hi i’m scots born and bred

answer to question is …why not?

could we be any worse off?..don’t think so…but i could be wrong

other question is would rest of uk miss us?


Personally speaking yes I for one would and I know lots of others would also. One good thing you wouldn’t have Cameron!!!



Why did Scotland and England unite to form Great Britain?

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well they joined because of the death of England’s Queen Elizabeth I, who was childless. The English throne passed to in the line of succession, King James VI of Scotland, who became James I of England. The countries remained separate kingdoms with a common monarch until the act of union. Scotland didn’t join because of no money and they didnt join the british empire they were

the first ones who made it

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What will become of Scotland’s finances if the Barnett formula is withdrawn by the English government?

You have cut and posted this identical post on multiple threads now. Some of the threads you have posted to are entirely non-political and even the most rebid pro or anti independence campaigner could not shoe-horn independence in as a relevant issue. (eg you pasted this version of the history of the Union into a thread about the current sunny weather. I hate to say this but no matter what decision the electorate in Scotland eventually make the sun will continue to shine there (or not) and that will still have an effect on people with MS)

What you are doing is SPAMMING the forum and, no matter what your genuinely heartfelt reasons, I don’t think that it is appropriate.

I suppose this topic is more Political than MS.

However my point of view. Residents of Scotland get to vote on Independence which is fine. Residents of England have no vote on their Indpendence, no National Anthem etc. Any decleration of ‘Englishness’ is stamped on by the media and Authorities as being xenophobic. I think National Identity is much stronger in Scotland and Wales.

Perhaps it would be suprising if England had a vote.

My thought it that is now the time to spend the money it will cost? Because of the economic crisis, I mean. That doesn’t mean now is not the time for the referendum, or a decision to be made.

I’m English/Danish. Possibly a bit Welsh. So it’s not my decsion. I would like to see Scotland stay as part of the UK. But it’s not my decsion. My opinion in this is irrelevant.

I see the North Wales coastline every day,and am used to all road signs in two languages once the border is crossed. Free prescriptions free,hospital parking etc are all part of Welsh independance as are literacy problems with school children. I wonder in which language these problems lie.

Scotland has the perfect imperfect example to study before Hadrian’s wall gets a lick of paint.


There was I thinking that Scotland joined the Union due being virtually bankrupt. This catastrophic failure rather forced the issue.

The Scots will no doubt decide their own future, but the loss of Scottish MP’s effectively means we will never see another Labour Government in this Country. Yep, that means permanent rule by the Old Etonian Party and probably the end of the NHS as we know it.

Stronger political opinions are available.

and if the SNP get there way,we will be bankrupt again :frowning: ,in scotland we dont get gillenya,after NICE passed it good for England and Wales,must be monetry


Thanks folks, I really didn’t expect such a response, it was just one of those silly questions, was not meant to bring politics into it or hopefully didn’t offend anyone, as Spudz said would it really make a difference to any of us and it’s sunny outside!

I don’t like the heat, I feel drained and hurt, in fact I’d love it to be a little cooler.



Its a very good question but as an English person living in a country consisting lots of other parts, diaglects, languages, I feel I too may run for the hills and join Scotland. As Janet has said, no more Cameron - but hang on isnt his name Scottish? No connection I hope. Wonder if I live in a cave in the highlands I may still be taxed to death and trampled on by the Etonians?

Going to cool this overheated brain of mine - anyone got a pint of something nice?



I’ve just read all the responses - Thanks. I did not intend to ‘mix’ politics with MS? I have had MS for over 13 years and I have voted S.N.P. for 38 years and I seem to have ‘mixed’ the two up (really because I spend alot of time ‘sitting down’ in front of the computer). Sorry for any antagonism?

Here are my last two for any ‘Scots’…

Yes Scotland - the Campaign for an Independent Scotland

Former MP and MSP Dennis Canavan on why he has converted to independence

I reckon that the treatment of MS in the UK has as much political input as medical. The vast majority of us cannot have Sativex due to decisions taken by the last Government, and the Coalition are in no hurry to change that decision.


As long as I am able to keep visiting this beautiful part of the world I’m happy to go along with what ever decision is reached.

:wink: Mary

Oh I forgot to add I support an independent YORKSHIRE



Hi Everyone,

To be honest I agree with a lot that has been said, but do think it unfair that one part of the UK can get one thing and another can’t, But life’s like that I’m afraid, it’s such a shame that we (everyone) don’t have the same choices as eveyone else especially when it comes to drugs for MS.



Hi Janet, I would just like to stay part off great Britain, I won’t vote for independence, no we didn’t get that new ms drug here but we do get free prescriptions so it’s not all bad. Julsiexx

I am scottish born and bred and proud to be scottish, but also proud to be part of the UK!! I think having the welsh english and Irish is great and we compliment each other in all ways. I feel if we were to go alone it would be a disaster for Scotland and the Uk.

Happy Jubilee next week xxx