Young Peoples Forum

Hi everyone

Might be worth popping onto Young People sometime as there are a couple of newbies that need a little chat.

Cheers maties.

Shazzie xx

will do, as the mummy of the forum…my new title!


Thanks Pollx.

Am sure you will see why I posted whe you get there.

You are too young to be my mummy so I will call you big sis!!!

Shazzie xx

Not sure how much I can help since I’m really a bit of an MS fraud but I’ve put in my tuppance worth.

Poll - you could be my mummy if you were a very naughty teenager

JBK xx

I was a naughty teenager!!!


can anyone link me to the young person’s forum? I am totally lost with how everything is set up! Recently diagnosed, east sussex, age 26 and feeling a bit lost in terms of age.

Like it’s great and really reassuring to hear from people older than me who are doing really well and their experience and knowledge is helpful, but would be nice to connect with people closer in age to myself too!

Hi Lorbol,

I’m afraid the Young People’s Forum was abolished ages ago, in one of a number of site shake-ups.

No upper age-limit was ever specified, but I always had the impression it was intended mainly for children/teenagers anyway. But age is just a state of mind, so they say, so occasionally much older people self-identified as in that group.

As the above discussion hints, it was sometimes poorly frequented, so that some of us olduns had to look in to make sure posts weren’t going unanswered.

I think you’ll find there is a wide spectrum of ages on Everyday Living, so you certainly won’t be the only one in your twenties.

I happen to be a lot older than you, but if you have the impression that’s true of all of us, I don’t think that’s right. MS can strike at any age, so 20s is not so rare. I’m sure we have 20-somethings here, right up to 70-somethings (and maybe older - I’m not sure?)



Try, as the site seems to attract younger MSers.

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why don’t you start your own group on here?

maybe you should run it past admin first.

i always have a look on newly diagnosed and used to also visit young people’s group.


as queen boudicca you should be queen mum!

see you at the races then

carole xx

Shift MS is a lovely freindly forum and gets more traffic than on here. Well worth a look.

Hi Carole,

Sorry to rain on your parade, but I think the whole reason some forums were scrapped was the administrative burden of having to patrol so many - including some that were pretty underused. So I don’t think proposals to re-launch forums that were intentionally scrapped are likely to meet with much success.

Obviously, if someone wants to do it other than here, there is nothing to stop them.

From what I’ve seen of other charity websites (though I don’t think it’s ever been specifically cited as a reason in relation to this one), there are also possible “child protection” issues with having a dedicated child/young person’s forum.

26 is clearly not a child, but if there’s a “youth” area, how do you know it’s not attracting predators, who are befriending people by PM, and persuading them to meet up?

I think a lot of charities thought it wasn’t worth the risk, because the amount of bureaucracy involved in verifying that everyone who claims to be a young person really is would be unsustainable. You’d have to start demanding proof of identity from everyone who signs up as a member, and even then, it’s easily faked. I don’t think charities wanted to chance being held liable, if it turned out a minor was “groomed” on their website. How do you know that someone who claims to be a teenager with MS (or cancer, or whatever) really is?