MS in the under 30s

Hi People

I am just wondering if there is any support or anything for people with MS that is under 30. No offence but alot of groups its alot of older folk. Hope nobody takes offence. I know it rare that younger people get diagnosed with MS at a young age. If anybody has any info. Im from North East of England. [Contact details removed by Moderator, please use private message facility]

Many Thanks

Hope everybody is as well as they can be. GODBLESS


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Hi Aaron,

I hope I can say, on behalf of everyone, no offence taken. MS doesn’t care how old you are, so why should we. Quite the reverse. I was diagnosed at the age of 55 so I’ve had a really good run. I met a beautiful young woman in her early twenties who’s nervous system had been completely trashed by MS. Words can’t describe how useless I felt watching her struggle to drag herself across a room.

I don’t see any reason why younger people can’t have their own section on this website. Wrinklies like me don’t have the culture or vocabulary to be relevant to young adults.

Shall we set one up? Would all those young (and young at heart) people with MS join in with Aaron?

Anthony (age 61)


hi aaron

you could set up a closed group on facebook, targetting your local area.

for example, “neurological disorders in manchester”

i belong to a couple of these and we meet up every few months.

be careful though.

carole x


Take a look at the “near me” facility at the top of the page and see if the support contacts are any use.

Failing that 404: This page could not be found tend to have a lot of younger members.


Setting up a separate forum on here sounds like a good idea. Easy access to info and chat for younger people. Wonder if admin are reading? :slight_smile:

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We had a “young persons” forum page for years, but it was rarely used and got closed down relatively recently. There must be something available on facebook, or is it just for cat videos?


Hi Aaron,

If you type ‘support groups’ in the box in this link, you might find something akin to what you’re looking for

I myself despite being far older, help alongside my husband and the person named, with this group …

It’s a thriving group full of young buoyant people , but as I said, check out that link because there are many other similar ones all over the UK that meet up non-clinical environments.

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Sorry, messed the link up. Try this…


Hi Aaron,

Totally know what you’re talking about. I’m 30 and was diagnosed last year. I’ve been to a couple of support centres and hospital appointments where I feel very much like the youngest person in the room. Not comparing anyones struggle, but its tricky feeling like youth has been taken away from me. Have to keep reminding myself that I’m exactly the same person i was before diagnosis. But I rarely have days when I don’t think about the fact that I know have thing that’ll influence the rest of my life. I’d be happy to talk on here about dealing with all of this at a young age - hit me up if you want to.




That would be cool. Why i ask is that there are very few services for young sufferers with MS

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Hi Carole

We could set a group up for the North. You are in Manchester and i am in Darlington - County Durham.

Many Thanks for that i will take a look

I will check it out now


The first comment i think he is an admin by the message he has wrote lets hope so xx

I have set up a facebook group -

I have also set up a blog so please take a look -

I hope this is allowed.

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Look up Shift MS. It generally lively than here and tends to have a younger audience.

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I am a “younger” person with MS, though this is one of the only areas I feel younger in these days!

About me, I’m 32 and was diagnosed with RRMS at 29. I did have experience of the condition as my dad suffered from it as well.

I agree about the point of having being diagnosed at this age, how it specifically affects the course of the rest of your life. For me, I have taken the decision not to have children. Not for health reasons or worrying about passing the disease on but for purely selfish reasons. I have had relatively mild symptoms so far and so I want to spend these years enjoying myself with amazing holidays and earning a much as I can at work rather than taking time out to have children.

This is a difficult perspective to explain to friends and family!

I’m also one of the younger one’s on here with MS (i’m 26) and i’m Always the youngest person sat in the waiting room at any hospital or clinic appointments, sometimes its quite difficult to get involved with the threads on here as well as the debate can be more about MS within an older age group (hope no one is offended by that comment)

Jemma x

I know I was told there used to be a Younger people &MS forum here, but was closed due to lack of use, but considering how many new diagnosis there are now, and the comments on here requesting one, I think it’s worth another shot. The Asian forum has hardly any traffic yet it’s still open.

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