Yoga exercise & pain

Dear All,

I’ve been practising yoga since last September, just trying to improve flexibility and muscle strength, but today during my class happens something which is worrying me.

I have a small lesion on my lower back, and usually I fell some discomfort depending the exercise, but since I am doing a very mild practice I was never in the position of hurting myself .

However, this morning, doing a simple stretch of the back I felt like a very strong eletric shock on my lower back exactly where the spine is located,afterwards it was really hard to move and I have to lie down for 1/2 hour.

Now the eclectic shock sensation is gone but I cannot move easily without feeling pain (frustrated to spend a sunny day in bed) .

Can a relapse be induced by exercises ? Should I tell to my nurse? I can move my leg, but initially I had like tremors (but perhpas I was just scare)

I just received the MRI scan result and they come back quite good, but they only checked head and neck.