Hi I am in my third nearly fourth week of relapse. I’ve had steroids and I think my leg is slowly improving. What I want to know is do you think I’d be okay to go to my usual yoga class tonight? I love my yoga but nurses have said not to overdo things as they think I did last week by trying to walk too far, but hen I’m worried no exercise is not good. I’m doing physio exercises two/three times a day depending how I feel. Thanks x x

My nurse told me that could resume swimming but that I would need a small pool…only my left side works properly, so I’d be swimming round in circles !!

Hi Lisa,

Yoga is usually quite gentle, so if you like it, and feel up to it, why not give it a go?

I don’t think exercise is contra-indicated during a relapse - or at any other time - as long as you know your limits.

It might be worth having a quiet word with the instructor first, just in case you need to sit out for any of it, or there are some exercises you might struggle with. Then it won’t cause any raised eyebrows.


Thanks think I might give its go. It’s relaxing too x

Yes do it, if there is too much standing you can just sit down, and tell your teacher, mine was brilliant at finding other options for me to do.