I finally got serious a few months ago about exercising for my health, and was doing great until my recent relapse. I guess I was after some tips / shared experience to make sure I don’t stagnate & lose momentum during the relapse.

Have done nothing for a week and don’t plan to do anything this week while I’m the land of steroids, but was hoping to get to the pool for a gentle swim next week and/or an easy session at the gym and/or short walks if able, to keep me ticking over until I fully recover. Thoughts? Is this just the steroids talking?!

Anyone else been in a similar scenario. What did you do? Did exercise help or hinder recovery?



Well done, not letting yourself get too disheartened by a relapse barging into your plans. It’s a bore, no question, but helping yourself through it by gently getting your body working again has to be a good thing. I think that ‘give it a go - within reason’ is probably the best approach. If you overdo it a bit, you’ll know, but it won’t be the end of the world. That’s what I’ve always tried to do anyway. A little bit of gentle swimming or stretching or other light exercise can just make all the difference in the world to how a person feels, can’t it?


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Hi Angela,

I’ve been having some physiotherapy for a couple of months and have a series of exercises which the physio’s have given me.

I plan to do all of them every day. I don’t of course, but as long as the intention is there and I do some exercise then that’s all it takes to keep a healthy routine.

Because when I feel I’m in a period of remission I am physically ready and not starting from square one.



Going to the gym, for me, has made a vast difference to my physical health and mental wellbeing - don’t break any records but do what i can and have built up my muscles.


Before my last relapse (when I was diagnosed) I was going to the gym twice a week and working out for at least 90 minutes each time. Then the relapse hit and what with fatigue etc etc the gym was an impossible target.

It has taken me about two years to get to where I felt capable of wanting to get back in the gym, but twelve weeks ago - with a GP referral I started going again. I’m really loving it again - I do just over an hour each time - once per week - and i’m pushing myself again.

I believe that if you can manage it - exercise most definitely helps. If you have a day when you really can’t manage it though - don’t beat yourself up about it - we have to be gentle with ourselves!


That is good to hear. I have ventured back to the gym these past few months as well. ‘Workouts’ these days are what I would have regarded as gentle warm-ups back in the day, but they truly give EXACTLY the same feeling of well-being!



Heartened by your answers (thanks) I went to the gym today :slight_smile:

Was a bit nervous at turning up to the gym with my rolly walker but after checking it was OK to take it in with me, I gave it a go and it was fine :slight_smile:

Reduced my sights a bit compared with pre-relapse but still managed to do nearly everything I usually do (just fewer reps and had to use the wall for balance when doing lunges & squats!) Very happy to find myself considerably less useless than I feared. It seems very weird that I could do all that, considering I can’t organise my legs into anything like a reliable walk - but then MS is weird, right?