Hi having a relapse, legs numb and weak. A bit dizzy and off balance. Very tired. Don’t want to take steroids. Should I be resting? Or continue as normal? Should I go to the gym as normal? Can’t get to speak to ms nurse. Have taken some time off work (I’m a nurse) help!!


I think the best thing to do when your having a relapse is rest,rest and rest again… easier said than done with a life and a job!

I am in relapse have been now for about a month, i have not been able to do much resting as i have two children so i am reluctantly having to start steroids this week.

I would keep trying to get hold of your nurse and be kind to yourself, hope it passes quickly for you.

Laura x

Agree, I am having a relapse which sounds similar to yours, my MS Nurse isn’t a fan of steroids but she told me to stop trying to keep working (I teach, so it’s all or nothing!). I have been signed off work until end of next week. She said not to be fooled into doing too much if you wake feeling ok as it may not last and she wants me to really rest until it goes again.

My mum has now arrived, and between her and my husband I am barely allowed to leave the settee! Trying not to let it drive me mad, I am recording all quizzes that I can find and am sat watching through them during the day.

Thanks folks, I have an appt at the relapse clinic on Friday. Typing this with my feet up!

Got my steroids, start then tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will be running up the stairs by this time next week!