Relapse again

Here we go again ibeen to the relapse clinic this morning and yes a mother course of steroids I’VE starting tomorrow 3 days It’s only 7 months since the last big relapse little small things have been going on the last month or two walking has been a real strain and one thing or another So let’s see how this one goes and if we do get any relief

I’m sorry you are in the thick of it again. I hate those steroids, but the moment when they finally take the cannula out on day 3, I feel like a shaggy old sheep who has just been shorn and feels like a lamb again! And it’s always nice to feel that you are getting to grips, even though the steroids are no fun. I hope it goes smoothly and they work well for you.



I’ve just noted you talk about a relapse clinic!!! That sounds like a very organised system. I have been a benign ms person but have started relapsing mainly problems with ON and legs. I am relapsing now and am feeling pretty disorientated. Is this the time to get in touch with ms nurse?

Do you find the steroids help? I too am relapsing but refused the clinic as have never had any benefit previously from steroids…all of the side effects tho! Sleeplessness, tachycardia, feeling like I have been run over by a steam roller…is there any alternatives tho? Seem to have frequent relapses but usually fairly mild…not this time tho :frowning: