Relapse and steroids

Hi, having a horrible time of it but I have got to say my ms nurses and neuro dept have been great. I managed to get an appoint at the relapse clinic and saw both an ms nurse and a neuro. They have put me on oral steroids for five days and requested a MRI scan with contrast , also looking at changing me from avonex to Tysabri a lot to think about ! Only positive is I have been put on sick for at least a couple of weeks so I will be able to watch Wimbledon . X

Hope the steroids help you to feel better. Enjoy the tennis and maybe some strawberries & cream too?! X

Thanks Laura, might just send hubby out when he gets home to buy some. Karen x

Hi Laura

Just rang my best earthly companion to ask him to bring in some strawberries and cream…


And scones - have to have the scones with it!!

Fresh strawberries and vanila ice cream is lovely :slight_smile: Jools X