hi all

Well I have had a awful 3 weeks ive had a relapse taken steroids but since then my mood has been extremely low well completely dipped I am a shadow of the person I was before and not sure how to get myself back.

My mind is in over drive — I have had to be signed of work for 2 weeks and I just dont know how I can sustain my career as a nurse, it requires constant training updating and im just feeling completely lost.

I dont know where my mind is and just desperately need ppl who are in my position to speak to


So sorry that you’re finding things so hard a the moment.

I know things seem bleak a the moment but you will start to feel more positive as you recover from the relapse.

if you don’t start to feel that your mood is picking up then speak to your GP or MS nurse (if you have one). They may well be able to help. If you don’t feel ready to go back to work, arrange to have more time off.

I hope that you feel better soon x

Good morning, hope your in a better fettle this morning. MS is a crap condition, and you just have to fight it. When your feeling very down don’t feel guilty, just wallow a bit and be kind. I comfort eat and nap when I can, which is probably why I’m turning into a big wobbly sack of spuds!! But then try and think positive and do something small to make you feel you’ve achieved something, and then another small thing etc and things do get better. This is a huge mental game. Try and find something good and positive and build on that.

do you have family? Friends? A pet? Think about them and try and find something to laugh at. Nothing very helpful, but try and take one day at a time. Take care xx

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thankyou teddy & slug for those kind words I shall try to take your advice on board. I have a very supportive family network who I’m currently staying with at the moment, as I’m a single parent to my 3 year old son. I feel i need to b in the company of others as opposed to isolating myself in my flat.

If you’re anything like me steroids make you feel like the bottom has dropped out of the world. Honestly steroids make me feel out of sorts when I’m on them and after quite down and teary. Add a relapse to the mix and its no wonder you feel like you do. I also have a demanding job were the work and training never stops and when I relapsed I had the exact same thoughts as you. Take comfort that relapses don’t last forever and hopefully you will be back on your feet soon. For now take advantage of the two weeks off. Your body needs time to heal.

hi littleray

i totally sympathise with you, and agree with the excellent advice above. allow your body time to regenerate, don’t add to your guilt by feeling bad as you can’t help it. you’ve got a lot on your plate with being a parent- that’s a job in itself.

MS is a b@$t@rd of a condition, and you should and can always find people here who have had similar experiences as you, and can sympathise.

put that onesie on, watch some crap telly, eat comfort food, sleep when you need to, have lots of cuddles with your little boy and allow yourself time to get better at your own pace.

fluffyollie xx

hi there humbug &fluffyollie

thankyou for your kind words. I am trying to not worry about work but I do find it so very difficult to do. And I know I need to allow myself to recover both mentally and physically. I dnt like having brain fog which can happen with me and that is a frustrating thing to experience.

I do hope your right humbug that I ca. Sustain my job role.