Paresthesia still going on and getting worse?

Hello again, This was all triggered by intense exercise it started with falling a lot for no reason, then warm water feeling going down my left leg, it felt wet and everything, very weird and leaves my leg painful and weak. The urinary retention came along with the falling. However the warm water feeling can be prevented by keeping my legs raised it mostly happens when I’m sitting but can do when I’m walking. My concern is it hasn’t gone away with stopping exercise and I’m getting odd spots all over, tingling, burning, numbness, crawling feeling Etc in spots on my feet, right leg, stomach. Is this normal? Shouldn’t it have gone away with the exercise being stopped? Why is it still going on? I received my neuro appointment for the fifth of August but the consultant may bring it forward once he’s seen the referral as it was done through book and choose system so hopefully he’ll think it shouldn’t wait two months (that’s hope on my behalf though, I don’t want t wait two months). I’m just wondering because my mum says it should have stopped and I don’t know why it hasn’t… Should it have stopped or is anyone in the same boat as me that it hasn’t gone away? I hope I’m not alone. I hope your day is letting you cope as best as possible, take care!


I’m wondering if the exercise was a red herring, and you’re actually having a relapse?

If it was a pseudo-exacerbation (fake worsening) brought on just by the exercise, then, like your mum, I’d have expected it to calm down again once the trigger’s been removed. If it didn’t, the exercise may have been coincidence, not cause. It might be that you were already in the early stages of a relapse when you did the exercise, so all it did was highlight something that was already starting, rather than cause it.

I think it’s human nature that when we have a relapse we try to identify what caused it. For a long time, I was scared a trigger for me was air travel, as I had one just after a foreign trip. But the only way to test the theory was to fly again. Next time, no relapse, so it must have been a coincidence. Exercise is accepted as often temporarily worsening symptoms, but isn’t usually viewed as a relapse trigger.

Most relapses have no identifiable cause. There is some evidence that viral infections - especially respiratory ones like colds and flu - are associated with increased risk of relapse for up to five or six weeks afterwards. Even then, it would be extremely hard to prove whether a particular relapse was linked to a recent cold, or would have happened regardless.



I agree with Tina, the fact that you have stopped exercising and are still having symptoms suggests that the exercise is not the cause, but merely coincidence.

It is very worrying when you start getting strange symptoms but try to remain patient while you wait for your appointment. Keep a note of when each new symptom started and take it with you when you see the neuro, as it will help you give better answers to some of his questions.

It may be worth getting your GP to check your vitamin levels: low levels of B12 can cause neuro-type symptoms and from reading this forum, it appears that so can low levels of vitamin D.

Hello everybody

I am experiencing paraesthesia for more than 2 month but during this time it sometimes gets worse and sometimes better. I received a palsy therapy too but it did not change anything. Then I done an LP test for MS diagnosis and the result will come in next week.

I wanna ask if the changing mood of my paraesthesia suggests a risky condition?

I attend a Yoga class and after the 1st session tingling in some limbs has extended. Is it a bad sign?

Please help me