Running/exercise and symptoms

I’m not really sure where this fits in but thought I’d get your guys advice.

Just to recap:

March 2011: L leg stiffness

July/Aug 2011: L neck spasm

Oct 2011: symptoms ‘officially’ started - parasthesia/numbness progressed from L side of face and arm to L leg.

Nov 2011: In the middle of the above episode I went running as wanted to keep fit. After I went running my L bum cheek went numb and bowel and bladder issues. I stopped running.

I won’t bore you with the long story but since then in 2012 I had TN/ hug on L last year. Then was fine from october 2012 time. Then this year.

Jan 2013: fatigue and reappearance of L parasthesia on L leg. Some intermittent pain from my groin/bladder area down the front of my leg and past my knee (i thought this was maybe a bladder spasm aggravating a nerve but just a guess).

March 2013: L parasthesia worsened with numbness and L side of face and tongue at front on L being involved. lasted 1 week then improved with some mild symptoms left. Fatigue generally better also.

Last weekend I decided to do some running again (I’ve been doing yoga to keep fit though did dance for a while but it was too difficult as my L leg would hurt). Anyway I only went for 10mins as I thought lets go nice and easy. I felt fine when I got home but over the course of the day my L leg began to hurt over the front of my thigh and down past knee again. This has then progressed to pain again near my groin/bladder and the feeling of wanting to constantly pee (no bladder infection just checked last week).

So I’m not sure if running is aggravating whatever I have. I had spine MRI just over a year ago which was perfect no sign of wear or tear. Can’t be the heat as my symptoms should have got better rather than worse over the last few days if anything.

Any thoughts?? Does anybody else have any similar issues.



Hi Reemz,

I still try to keep up with exercise - I do brisk walking, plus some weights (small girlie handweights - nothing drastic).

But I gave up on running a long time ago. I just find it’s too high impact, and seems to exacerbate all the aches and pains (and I don’t mean just temporarily, from getting hot).

I’m sure, as somebody posted here recently, that I could still run in an emergency - e.g. if there was a mad axeman behind me. But it’s just not something I choose to incorporate into my routine, as conducive to health. It seems to cause more problems than it helps. :frowning:



Sorry Reemz, I’m baffled :frowning:

I think, if I were you, I’d be tempted to look for a muscular cause (maybe neuromuscular?). Could your GP refer you to someone?

Karen x

I know me too. I haven’t done heaps of running to be certain but it does seem strange doesn’t it… I had EMG’s to rule out anything obvious neuro-muscular at initial presentation though I haven’t had any Genetic testing or checks for things like Myasthenia etc…

I forgot but this has just made me remember that my partner was trying to make me try the fab 3 exercises (ab/plank/spomething else) and within a day or so after my back started playing up (not in a I’ve pulled something kind of way) and I kept having lots of burning sensations (I had acid at the time too so thought it was just that). I think it was soon after that I was getting the intermittent bladder and leg issues around Jan.

I think perhaps if I can face trying a bit more running I’ll go once or twice just to be sure I’m not leaping to conclusions, but yeah maybe I need to go back to the GP. I was hoping my neuro review would have come through by now but it hasn’t perhaps I’ll chase this time just so i can get the neruo’s angle on things.

It doesn’t really fit with MS but then I guess lesions on my spine ( though nothing was find but thats what was suspected) could make me more prone to having other back/leg/bladder issues I guess…


Well I went running yesterday - again did the same run so I wasn’t overdoing it. And i’m feeling fine (uptil now anyway). No leg pain or bladder pain or anything. So I’m baffled. It actually felt good to exercise (endorphins running wild) even though I still struggle to run - I’m no where near as good as I was before everything where I could manage 5 miles with confidence. I can tell my L leg isn’t normal in that I can’t judge where it is until it hits the ground (does that make sense?) but not complaining things could be far worse.

I guess I was wary of doing something that might aggravate/make symtpoms worse - though the neuro’s have only come up with possible MS I’m tryng to keep an open mind in case it is something else.

But for now I guess I’ll keep trying the running in just the short 10min jogs once a week and if I feel okay after maybe build up. I was such an energetic person before everything happened and loved dancing/running etc so it would be nice going back to doing some of this even if I’m not quiet as good.



That’s great :slight_smile:

I know exactly what you mean about your left leg - mine’s the same!


Thanks Karen :slight_smile:

My partner looked quite confused when I said I didn’t know where my leg was.