Lower back issues??

Hi Guys

Just recovering from my last flare-up of symptoms (hug/ bowel issues and parasthesia on L leg and reduced sensation on my b-hind and privates). Don’t have hug but the rest of the symptoms are still there.

Since yesterday I’ve had lower-back pain (around my coccyx and just above) worse when I wake-up as it seemed to get better as I moved around and worse when I sit. I woke up this morning and felt worse couldn’t bed to sit on toilet and hand to throw water at my face to wash it as couldn’t bend. It gradually did ease up and I can move though it hurts (on a pain scale probably about a 5) but I have also noticed as the day has progressed increased pins and needles and numbness in my L foot and leg. My L leg also has pain and my bladder is feeling strange - like I need to go to the loo and as if I’m leaking.

Slightly concerned this is something new now. I had bladder issues (which started similarlyl like this) in my first episode but they did recover after a year, I just hope it doesn’t get any worse :frowning:

Sorry slight moan - feel like I haven’t quite got over the last thing and now I don’t want something else to contend with too.

Counting down to my neuro review which is this thursday - about time too as was meant to be a six month review and ended up being one year.

Thanks for listening guys. Be nice to know if anyone else has had any similar issues



:frowning: poor you back pain is awful. Thank goodness for your neuro appt at last though I can’t believe it has taken so long for you. Big hugs. Axx

Hi Reemz x

Was just about to say how are you - but reading that it’s a silly question as the answer is obvious!

I bet Thursday seems a long way away when you are in pain - ould it be worth seeing your GP in the meantime? xxxjenxxx

Hi Reemz

I have the same problems with my lower back area. Have done now for about five years. I saw a doctor years ago and she put it down to some degeneration of a disc somewhere in my spine. I feel i was fobbed off by her and have struggled since. The pain has become the norm for me now and I have learned to cope with the majority of situations when I know that I am going to feel the pain. For example.washing up, brushing teeth, sitting down, standing up, getting on and off the toilet, getting into and out of bed, etc, etc.

What I found has helped is identifying the moment when the pain kicks in and trying to slowly ease that pain in. If that makes sense. When I sit, I sort of twist my back down rather than go down in a straight motion. Also, when I standup form sitting, I only rise about three quarters of the way, stop, and like a shock absorber, then slowly fully stand.