In the wars!

Felt like having a moan.

I was feeling so good up until the start of this year - I actually thought maybe I’m over it all and it was just one of those things. Since early Jan I’ve had reappearance of pins and needles and numbness intermittently (depending on how tired I am or what I’ve been doing) in my L leg and hand. Then I’ve had some cramping of my R hand and ?tremor which tends to be okay most of the time unless I do something demanding like holding something up for a long time or peeling lots of potatoes etc. And then my bladders intermittently spasming again - it hurts on the left and when it’s very bad the pain runs down my leg - it makes me want to keep peeing and I keep thinking I’m leaking but when it stops hurting it’s okay.

Then for the week I’ve had back pain in a band near my bra on the R intermittently and then on both sides of my lower back. I don’t think it’s hug? as it feels more like burning pain. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve been doing some exercise that my back is playing up (though 10 sit ups, plank and press ups every 2 days isn’t that much and I put a matt under my back) or whether it is neuro. Strange thing is I went for my laser hair removel session today and was absolutely fine until she got the strip just below my bellybutton. For whatever reasons my back went into absolute burning agony (like sunburn) when she wasn’t even treating my lower back I almost started crying and thankfully she’d finished as it’s a tiny area because I think I would have had to walk out.

Anyway it’s annoying as I can’t sleep very well because of the back pain which means I wake up and when I wake up then I keep thinking I have to pee so takes ages to drift back off. Prior to all this I would have used hot baths but the bath really doens’t do much and makes my hand become like the claw as my partner calls it. Sorry I’m laughing about it all but want it to go away at the same time.

Confused whether this is all a relapse as it’s a hodge podge of my old symptoms with some new.



When in doubt check it out and you know we all love moaners :wink:

the pain from my bladder running down my leg is back again and I feel I need to pee constantly. Darn bladder spasm - hope it goes I’m back at work monday! Might get myself checked for uti at work - though generally always negative.

UTI tests aren’t terribly reliable - best to get it properly checked in the lab.

I hope it isn’t a relapse - and that it goes soon!

Karen x

Thanks Karen - yeah I guess you’re right. Should really book myself in for the GP - I just hate going unless I really have to. Bladder pains stopped at the mo so no crazy peeing and leg pain gone (I think it must be referred pain). All I can think is it must be some form of muscle spasm that puts pressure on my bladder and causes the pain and peeing issues but I will try and have UTI ruled out. Gp had only advised me reducing course of vit D which finished end of Dec so my other thought is am I getting symptoms because I’ve stopped the vitamin D. I saw the GP last week for my skin and asked him about vit D and he said it’s wise to go for a repeat blood test. I might ask my neuro when I go back for a check up in april. I know MSers are meant to be on some form of vit D but I guess the worry is overdosing yourself so i didn’t want to keep taking and give myself new problems but if the neuro says keep taking them then I’ll feel a bit reassured I guess.

How often are we meant ot have blood tests for Vit D?




Hi Reemz x poor you - sounds flippin awful! Get to the doctors!!! xxxjenxxx

forgot to say - my bladder went into a nasty spasm a couple of Saturdays ago - it was awful - lasted a couple of hours.

I went to the out of hours doctor - no infection but blood in my urine - so they say I passed a stone

Have had blood in my urine samples twice since so got an appointment with my GP tomorrow xxxxjenxx

Hey Jen

Never even thought about Kidney Stones - thats meant to be v painful. I guess I must get onto the case and have a proper urine check to rule everything else out. Thankfully the pain has gone at the mo and even though my peeing isn’t 100% back to norm it’s 80% better :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better and get some answers soon too.



Hi Reemz x saw GP this morning and this sample had no blood in it - so it’s a case of keeping an eye on it x

to be honest I don’t think it was a kidney stone (although I did think I was birthing something!! lol) - I haven’t felt my bladder for months and I think it was just a nasty spasm that went on longer than usual - like the ones I have had around my lower chest and round and in my stomach x I’m seeing the continence nurse soon so hopefully she’ll help! xxxx

To be honest mine doesn’t feel like a kidney stone either. I’ve had so many spasms in my back and round my ribs like you that I’m kind of getting to know better what’s a spasm or something else and this does feel more spasm. I’m thankful my bladder recovered after my 1st episode so hopeful that things can get better. I never had any accidents though was very close a few times when I had flu and coughed.

Good luck with the continence nurse. Hope she can help. Just had my vit D tests so will book myself in to see GP in 2 weeks and have a chat about everything then I think.

Much love.