Virus, run down and heavy legs!

hi all

looking for some advice - had viral infections/generally really run down for 3 weeks.

a few days ago my left thigh went into a spasm when i tried to walk down the stairs - like cramp but without the pain? very weird, anyway it passed quickly but my leg ached as if i’d been working out the next day! i’m thinking this is maybe a flexor spasm - can anyone advise if they have had similar?

today thought i’d go a short walk as been cooped up for days and my legs just felt so heavy and tingly. i just couldnt wait to get home. they are working just fine but feel like they shouldnt be - does that make sense? as someone else has already said on here - i was hyper aware of them. wasn’t sure whether this was just general weakness from being unwell and not moving. just wondering if any advice or treatments, or whether this will clear when my viral symptoms go away?




I felt like this a couple of weeks ago starting to feel bit better now, I was really run down fatugiue with the run up to xmas and my legs were so heavy and weak i could hardly walk for a few weeks.

they are starting to improve now tho thankfully,

Do they get any better after rest?

hi suzie

yes def improvement after rest - so guess i just need to let myself recover before pushing myself to go out walking or taking exercise. =(