fatigued legs - anyone?

Of late Ive been suffering major fatigue. Having lots of naps and sleep a full 12 hours nightly whenever I can. Noticed a few weeks ago my arms were very weak, so I used dumb bells and started exercising them. Got wrist splints and began using them more, thinking perhaps Id got lazy not using them as I used to. Theyre still pretty weak but not as bad.

Now my legs feel like they are about to buckle from under me. I feel so weak. Stood in Boots waiting for my prescription yesterday and had to lean on the counter with stick in other hand because an elderly man was sat in the only chair. I seriously thought my legs would give way. Had daydream I was about to be rushed off after collapsing. I shake if I do too much too, like Ive overused my muscles (muscle exhaustion).

Today again my legs feel like theyre half dead and dont want to co-operate. Its quite scarey and Im hoping its temporary.

Anyone else got fatigued legs and what happened?



i have fatigued legs that often feel like they have been filled with concrete as i can hardly lift them. at other times my knees start to buckle with every step i take. some days are better than others and that’s all i can say on the subject so i’m not much help am i?!

hope they get better soon x

Thank you Vicky. Mine feel like lead and so tired cos they dont want to move, and I end up using up loads of energy, thus fatigue gets worse.

Looks like other msers dont get the same? Either that or they dont want to answer my question, Im not coming on here anymore, waste of time.

best wishes



Just seen this and it makes me sad that you feel this way Bren I suffer terribly with heave legs can only describe it as having a pair of football socks on filled with weights and a pair of builders boots two sizes too big filled with concrete. A friend took me to a shop on Saturday and after walking down half of the aisle it hit me like a brick wall - I could have laid down and gone to sleep, it was the most awful feeling ever. I know exactly where your coming from and I’m one mser that does feel the same as you. I truly hope you dont stop visiting the forum as there is no help like the help and advice that you get from these guys. Take care Sue xx

Hi Bren

I too can totally relate to your symptoms. When I do too much I start to shake, feel if from inside me and then it starts to show on the outside. Horrible feeling. You are best to rest as much as possible when this happens. For me it does pass after a bit but always worry it will turn into a full blown relaspe. Take care. Heather x

Hi When I was mid relapse in the summer I had to stand sideways in a queue, because if i stood still for very long my knees would buckle and I would stagger backwards. It lasted quite a while but it did get better. My knees are starting to play up again lately although not as bad, I think it is symptom now, not a relapse as it has never completely gone. It’s a bit like the sensation you get when a dr tests your reflexes, very odd. Hopefully it will get better for you to : ) Mish x

hi yawn

you got quite a few replies within 1 hour!

my legs are not my friends and neither is my bladder!

if i stand for more than 2 minutes i have to do knee bends - looks mad but it helps

carole x

Hi bren, have pm`d you hun

luv Pollx

Hi all,

After reading all the comments, it seems to me this is very common.

I too suffer with stiff heavy legs and my knees sometimes feel like their going to snap off anytime soon when i walk but i also get the opposite where my legs feel light, tingly and hardly there.


I have one lead leg - puts me really off balance too


My legs are the same, and my arms too sometimes. In fact, the are times when my neck feels like it is too tired to hold my head up. It’s horrible. Wish there was something I could do about it. The fatigue just seems to get worse and worse xxx

Yes, me too, and I find walking down hill particularly difficult these days, and can take me days to recover.

I’ve been laid up with flu for over a week now, and my legs aren’t behaving at all!

Thank you everyone, been trying to reply through private messaging but it doesnt appear to work for everyone, so this is my thank you.

Seems we all suffer similar, I recognise the hard to hold head up too, I once rang local hospital to ask for some kind of support, they said supporting the neck would make it worse? Also with the knee thingy, I suffer hypermobility syndrome so knees not very stable anyway. As for lead legs, or walking in cement, definitely hard work trying to shove them to walk.

Thank you again for all your support, its good to know other msers are suffering similar (not good but you know what I mean) and that we can support each other. Sharing is caring.

Maybe one day we can all run and kick a football (or whoever) when our cure is finally here (:o). Roll on that day eh.



Bren, i could’nt kick a ball before ms

This may not be relevant Bren, but I was struggling much worse than normal with fatigue and weak everything when my vit D levels were too high. Maybe get yours checked, just in case? It could be another vitamin/mineral thing too (e.g. iron, calcium, etc) - maybe see your GP and get a bit of an MOT?

Karen x