advise please

Hi All

Am becoming scared over the last month my legs have become very weak and tired, after ive rested for a bit they do improve but become tired and achey again very quickly, I dont understand whats going on, seen a nero doctors and they examand me and told me its not a relapse but ive still not had much improvement up untill about 6 weeks ago my legs were ok and i could walk around shops ok.

Anyone have any advise on what could be happening here? could this be fatuige? can fatuige make your legs ache? nero says it could be stress, i was stresses but its easyed off now, I only got diagnosed earlier this year so not sure whats happening.

any advise would be great, 

Hi Suzie,

It could be fatigue - my legs get really tired really quickly, and if I keep pushing, they will ache.  Cold weather makes it worse, how has the weather been with you?  It could also be a lingering symptom of the stress you were under, although you said that that stress has gone, you're worried about this which is a stress in itself.  This is highly irritating, just like the entire stupid disease!

Try to take it as easy as you can - it will probably get better, but it will take time.

Luisa x

the weather is cold and windy up here, just hope this fatuige goes soon, its nothing like feeling tired it feels more like someone has pulled the plug on me, feel tho i could just stay in bed all day, but i cant with 2 young kids to get up to

Cold and windy sounds familiar, where are you?  I'm in Aberdeen.  Yes, fatigue is tiredness with knobs on - you feel like some funny b*g**r  has stolen your legs and replaced them with ones from a 90 year old, and sleep doesn't seem to do much but pass the time (and let the leg thieves get at you) - sadly you will get used to this eventually, but you will also find ways to cope with it. 

You'll get there

L x

Thanks l for your reply, any other advise would be good from any new posts

Hi Suzie,

               I am sorry to read that the fatigue fairy seems to have pounced on you good and proper. What you mention sounds just like fatigue, and I am being reminded of this at the moment too. I feel like a snail in honey, and there just isn't the power in my limbs that there should be. I always feel this ropy at this time of the year (have had MS for donkeys), but of course this is no comfort. As Luisa says, it is just a case of us resting and working through it. I am sure that Christmas must have been very hard work for you too, having two young children. The only advice I can give you is to just sit tight and rest plenty. Look after yourself, and let's all hope for a happier 2012.

                                 Take care,