Adice please

Feels like I’m walking about with lead boots on and had the energy sucked out of me . Anyone had similar and any idea how long it could last ?

Sounds like muscle fatigue and/or general fatigue. There is a drug called amantadine which you may be able to get from your GP to help with general fatigue - it helps some people. Other than that the only thing which helps is to pace yourself and rest before you get to that point. It sucks but that’s the nature of this darned illness.

Hopefully someone else will come along with some better advice. You don’t say if this is a recent thing or if it is something you have had for a while. Are you in the midst of a relapse? For me, the fatigue is 10 times worse during a relapse.

Tracey x

Thanks , finally got through to my m.s nurse and she said take it easy so that’s what I’m going to do . Time to pace myself like you say , thanks again Cam x

Drink tea, feet up and watch the tennis.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Jen x