Legs have given up completely

Hi everybody! I know I have been AWOL for ages but just so fed up with it all. My latest lovely symptom appears to be related to stress involved with leaving the house to go somewhere important.## First time it happened it was sorted by my husband carrying me to the car!! Second time we were going to a funeral it was up north so staying at my Dad’s so he and hubby between them got me to the car. The most recent one was Friday evening we were going to a black tie function at the Mess, I started getting ready at 1pm for a 6.30pm departure so I wasn’t stressing and rushing about.## As I attempted to leave the house my legs just gave out I was holding myself up on 2 sticks & Andy was trying to help me move a little. We eventually made it to the car but I couldn’t get from the side of the car on to the seat. I chucked my body in but could not lift my legs round.## At this point we gave up trying and I told Andy to leave me and go on his own while I fell to floor and gave up trying, sobbing hysterically and wishing I was dead. He wouldn’t leave me and cancelled us attending the function. A bit last minute so we still have to pay but it really could not be helped.## Why does this happen? It is like the biggest intention tremor ever!!

I feel so ashamed and do not know which way to turn to try and find a way round it all. I have a neuro appointment next month which should have been last month but they cancelled without saying just rescheduled but didn’t let us know it was changed just sent another appointment letter which we presumed was a follow up! Any ideas what I can try meds wise please??

Hi Bubbly Jubbly.

So sorry you are having such a rubbish time. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed though huni. When this happens there is nothing we can do about it. Can you call your neuro and ask to be seen urgently? It sounds like you are at your wits end. ((((Hugs))))

This happened to me while I was walking (or more likely staggering) across the car park of a supermarket with my hubby. My legs just went from under me and there was nothing I could do to walk. Hubby had to drive the car closer to me (I was sat on the floor of the car park) and then lift me into the car. I know exactly how you feel. I was breaking my heart too.

Ring your neuro I would for advice.

Let us know how you get on. Hope your get some good advice on how to deal with this rubbish problem.

Take care

Shazzie xx

Listen darliin…now that there are so many falling episodes, why not have a cheap manual wheelchair in the car?

I know NO_ONE wants to go in a wheelie, but believe me, please, it is the safest and wisest thing to do…I know from personal experience.

much love Pollyxxx

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I have a wheelchair in the car but it was just not working to even get me near the blinking thing!! We have a single step up and then a short path to the car with grass all around husband does it in 3 strides.

Yesterday I went to the shop and went round in my wheelchair with the trolley attached to the front. I managed fine on my own so it is because I really wanted to go to the dinner!!##