Legs have stopped working

I am stressed beyond words my legs are refusung work at all. I have no control of them and the neck pain feel l;ike I have been inase a car accident. No idea what is going on, help me please


i have no idea whats happening with you but i do suspect that being ‘stressed beyond words’ wont be helping.

watch some tv/read/owt for distraction and contact gp in th a.m?

take care ellie

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I had such pain in my legs and felt like crying when I walked. I now have a full body massage every 6 weeks and I have never looked back!

Completely agree with chocorange, when I’m badly stressed physical/MS things seem to be a hundred times worse. Make sure you’ve eaten something, watch TV, read or something like chocorange said (I play simple daft games on my K****e) then make sure you’ve taken any meds you have to and then to bed and reeelax. Docs tomorrow if necessary. Just remember we’re all here for you. x

i get awful stiff neck. standing under a hot shower helps. the heat does me no good though.

Hello Jules I can’t remember, are you relapsing remitting? If so, it sounds like a relapse and you should get onto your MS nurse / GP and see if you can get some steroids. Assuming you are happy to take them. If you are progressive, things are a bit different, although it’s umcommon to have some part of your body fail suddenly unless there’s a reason for it, ie a UTI or other infection. Regardless of which it is, I suggest that you get a urine specimen to your GP in the morning and have it tested. If you are stil RR and there’s no UTI, then consider steroids. If you are progressive and there’s no UTI, it sounds like some more help is needed. Let us know where you are and what happens. Sue

If I could afford to have it done I would be on it!!

Thanks I am trying to relax but am worried my marriage is not going to survive this latest rubbish which makes it worse.

If I could have a shower all would be grand but OT has banned me from using as unsafe!!

~Hi Sue, thanks for your help I am SP so stupid new stuff tends to hang around. Physio was here this morning why is standing up so hard when you are being observed? I feel like I have run a mile after sit to stand and repeat for an hour 3 blinking physios!!! 2 physios and an OT woman much the same really!!

Bubbly Jubbly, you must try and remember that the MS Monster affects not just you but your loved ones too. They often feel helpless and useless when they really want to help but don’t know how - normal chatting and discussing may help all. If you can’t use the shower a hot towel may help, contact your MS Nurse, and be you “Bubbly Jubbly” even if you feel s**t and scared. xx

Well at least you have physio help. There are plenty of times when standing is almost beyond me too. But all we can do is try to keep standing as much as possible when walking is so difficult. It’s good for you just to stand, hanging onto a frame, walker or even a kitchen worktop. It helps to keep your legs strong and just standing as straight as possible helps your core muscles too. If you’ve been banned from showering, is that because you only have a standing shower with no seat? Is it possible to get a seat in your shower or if you have a bath, then a bath board or something so you can at least get to feel a bit cleaner and nicer. Why are you so worried your marriage won’t survive the recent mobility problems? Does your OH not understand what’s going on with your MS? Or are you just stressed and everything piles up to make you feel uncertain of everything in the future? Are you absolutely certain you don’t have a UTI? Did you get it tested? Sometimes there are no real symptoms except a decreased mobility and/or cognitive problems. Sue

Hi Bubbly, hope you’re feeling a little better. My neck is stiff because of bad posture and using all the neck muscles to move about the slightest bit, if you do this you will understand. I seem to be on a perpetual cycle of losing little things and dreading the loss of more, so I’m hoping your useless legs are because you’re stressed and not because they’ve gone all together. Relax, breathe, and maybe there’s something left. Hope the professionals help.

Also understand about marriage etc, they seem to have to put up with so much, and I have to really try to remember that I didn’t do anything to get this ms, it just came to stay anyway. And there is no respite is there, at least our family members can go for a normal walk or something to clear their heads…but I don’t mean to belittle things. It’s really really hard, and I must say ‘sorry’ so many times a day, but it’s not your choice, it just is. I hope you find some light relief xx

Thanks Ellie I have had a better day today appreciate your input x

a bit more positive todayThank you for your kind words I feel more positive today

The urostomy has kind of got rid of any UTI problems so I feel OK about that. Just having a blue couple of days I think thanks for your kindness Jules x