Onset of a bunch of symptoms in last week...

Hi all,

Sorry to impose, newbie and I’m just looking for some input. I’m a 29yr old female, normally really fit and well, so much so that I haven’t even seen a GP in about 4 years and haven’t had so much as a cold for years.

About six months ago I developed some tingling/numbess in my right thigh over the course of a day. It lasted a couple of weeks, got gradually worse to the point that any kind of touch on it was really painful, even bedsheets rubbing across it! I also started getting tingling in my right foot. I put it down to either a touch of sciatica or poor running technique. It went away after a couple of weeks.

Last week while on holiday (so not doing anything remotely strenuous!) it returned with a vengeance, worse than last time, and it’s been getting worse and worse. I now have:

  • Same numbness/tingling in my right thigh and foot, also any touch causes tingling burning pain.
  • Tingling/numbness in fingertips on both hands, struggling with using a computer mouse or doing up buttons.
  • Started yesterday, really awful burning pain in my left foot, to the point I can’t put my shoe on! Foot looks normal.
  • Really tired, very unlike me. Normally I can do a 12hr shift, go for a run, cook tea and still have energy left. This week I haven’t left the house in 3 days and I’m still exhausted by 7pm!
  • Embarassing, but some bladder problems. Feeling I haven’t “finished” while voiding, and sure enough a few minutes later I’ll heavily leak. I’m leaking at other times too. I’ve also had one proper accident, which was mortifying but luckily at home on my own.
  • 3 episodes of lightheadedness. 1 of these I actually lost my balance and fell/semi-fainted. I’ve never fainted in my life!

I feel like I’m losing my marbles and I’m now quite anxious about going out because of the bladder thing, plus my foot is so sore I’m hobbling around on my heel (all the pain is at the toe end). I went to the walk in centre 4 days ago and they did a urine test which was negative for a UTI. They told me to see my GP, but I’ve had to register with one (we’ve recently moved) so can’t get an appointment until next week. I’m due back at work on Friday having not had a sick day in 6 years and I’m seriously worried about it. I ended up googling my symptoms and a scary hour of reading later here I am.

Can anyone assist in what will happen when I see the GP and what else it could be?

Thanks for reading,


What could it be? Countless things, some of them easy to fix, many of them keen to vanish without explanation never to return, and most of them more common than MS. MS is rare. If there is one thing for you to keep reminding yourself, it is that rare conditions are rare. That is one of the things that unreliable Dr Google keeps forgetting. Try not to panic. Neurological stuff can be tricky to get to the bottom of, so prepare yourself for no easy answers. I am sorry that you are having a horrid time. Try to be patient and let the medics do their stuff and let the thing play out. A lot of people Google and think, ‘It’s MS!’ because MS can cause such a varied host of symptoms so it comes up every time. But it usually isn’t. Good luck. Alison

Go to a Dr and start having some investigations - they could be unrelated.

Look after yourself.