Concerns about symptoms

Evening all hope you are well. I find myself here again as I’m having some rather concerning and bothersome symptoms that I would like to air and got some potential views on. Since the end of may beginning of June I started feeling really drained of energy like I had just had the flu. The main symptoms at the time was weakness of the arms and legs and a general feeling of tiredness. The tiredness has since passed but the weakness remains with me on and off. I have also been getting weird sensations in my feet which feels like ants crawling around my feet this also has been on and off but seems more prominent in the evenings. I have struggled walking long distances as the backs of my legs hurt and it seems to take a real effort to do so. Yesterday I was out shopping for an hour and after I got home I had pain In my right hip, felt like I had walked up a mountain. I then started getting a burning sensation in my left toes lasnight as If I had walked on hot coals. I seem to remember having this back in August but on my left forearm for about 2 days. Today the toe burning has gone but both legs are really tired tingling again and I now have left hip pain. Some other weird symptoms I have been getting are also. Tingling lips Shortness of breath from slight exertion Muscle spasms In my right shoulder near the neck and also other minor locations from times. Loose stools Drained of energy Random muscle aches like in have been working out at the gym Shakes and sweats like when you haven’t eaten for a while Pain in right side of neck Depression. I went for full blood tests in may/June and it came back I was via d deficient but the level I was at the gp did not think you would be seeing these symptoms. I have been taking supplements for about 7 weeks now and I still feel like I did when I first attended the gp I went back 2 weeks ago and she said all I can do is give it a month and come back. This has caused my depression to go though the roof to the point where I had a break down and had to go back on medicated (been off them since October 2012) I feel a mess and that the drs aren’t taking me seriously I’ve been getting things back on track after being off medication but this has now set me back again, I’m at a loss as what to do. Sorry to ramble but helps to get things down, what are your thought?

Forgot to mention shaky hands from time to time.

Also forgot to mention shaky hands and also occasional ringing in the right ear.


What other tests have you had, apart from the bloods?

Have you seen any specialists?


Hi I have had full blood test done and the only thing that came back was the bit d deficiency. Haven’t seen anyone yet apart from my psychiatrist re depression. Like this evening I’ve been on my feet doing dinner and washing and and my hips ache from just the standing and walking around and when putting the washing on the line my arms just feel really heavy and ache. Are these common ms symptoms?

I cant tell you if i think it is ms or not (i wish i could) but i can tell you a few of my experiences which may or may not help I was off for 6 weeks and saw 8 doctors (who sll said it was an ear infection) before i was refered to a nuero When my nuero did blood tests they all came back fine Dizzness tiredness and pins and needles and numbness in my left side are my main stmptoms You have to insist to see a specialist, most doctors dont recognise ms as the symptoms are so varied Please dont worry, it may be something simple but even if it is ms your life is not over, it can be horrible but there are still good days too and it wont always feel like this Hope everything works out for you Xxx

I really hope so it just feels like it will never end hence why the breakdown and depression again. I’m trying to get by daily tasks just seem to be a massive effort, I’m even tempted to change my gp because of the lack of interest.

I would be interested to hear others experiences

my husband diagnosed tuesday with spinal and brain lesion just found out has many scars on brain and neurologist said he could of had it years.Husband symptoms are long list due to many areas of lesions on brain JUST A FEW pins and needles, burning feeling in arms and legs ,fatigue, slurred speach, confusion, forgetfulness, moods, urination problems, tremors arm hand ,dropping thing alot,trouble saying words with letter r comes out as w, weightloss,stomachpains, feeling sick,leg twists drags or kicks,Also has chronic uveitis has double vision on and off with remaining sight ,xx julie