worried about these symptoms

hi all! im new to this&am hoping i can get some help&advice.

i went to gp last fri about the twitching in my legs which ive had for yr or2now&on its own never really taken much notice of as ive had stomach probs&probs with swallowing on&off

recently the twitching has spread to my arms&the toes of my left foot also twitch like mad most of the time!my legs feel like lead most days&like im walking through treacle!

some i days i feel so tired i really dont wanna do anything&my arms,legs&neck really ache

ive also had few episodes of stumbling into things&feeling like im not really there&im just floating through the day!

the gp has taken blood tests(which the lab hasnt for some reason hasnt processed&i have to go back friday&have them done again!!)&hes referred me to a neurologist.he thinks the swallowing&these symtoms might be connected

im also very forgetful lately&have trouble remembering things that have happened&words when im talking(these i forgot to say to gp!!)

.im45&have a nrly4yr old to think about&am really weird it could be ms or something similar!!

Hello, and welcome

All these things must be very worrying, but there are actually a whole load of things that could cause them, including some easy to fix things like vitamin deficiencies. In fact, your symptoms sound almost identical to my daughter’s and when we finally plucked up the courage to see the GP (we were terrified that she had MS too!), it turned out to be B12 deficiency.

All the right things are happening (blood tests and the neuro referral), so with any luck you’ll find out soon what’s going on. In the meantime, try and keep an open mind, and try not to worry!

Good luck.

Karen x

thanx karen thats v reassuring

yea blood tests are to see if its a deficiency of some kind so hopefuuly thats what itll be!

just a pain ive got to wait an extra wk for results!!

theyre also to check my thyroid.should find out results mon or tues so will know more then

just reading through all the symptoms on here alot of them match me exactly atm!!very worrying!!

Hi Babyjane67 and welcome

It is a worrying time yes, but try to keep in mind that there are so many conditions, deficiencies or even injuries which also share the same symptoms - ms is only one on a very long list - and not all the potential causes are serious either.

As Karen said, something may be picked up in your blood tests which is easily remedied. The other plus is that you obviously have a proactive GP - which is always a bonus!

Fingers crossed that you get some answers very soon, until then you know where we are. Not worrying is so hard to do but try to distract yourself as much as possible - stress and anxiety can make symptoms worse.

Good luck - let us know how you get on

Debbie xx


just an upate : went back to dr to redo blood tests this morn.turns out it was only2tests lab didnt process which are calcium&elektrolites for kidneys.all the others were normal including vitb12,magnesium.thyroid,iron.thats the ones i can remember!!they also took my bp which was normal.

so still worrying it could be ms as was hoping it would be a deficiency!also since yest have had a constant black spot in my right eye!wherever i look its there!!any ideas what that could be?if its still there monday will ring dr about it

have to ring for blood results anyway

trying not to worry too much&just have fun with my little girl but its always at the back of my mind


got last2blood results back&theyre both normal so deficiencys been ruled out

still got black spot on eye so managed to get an app with optician today who said its nothing to worry about&should go on its own in next few days

how long does it nomally take to get the app4neuro through?


The black spot, Is it in the middle of the image - especially if its in the centre, that could be Optical Neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve) . But you’ve seen an optician who probably considered that, but then opticians deal with the focusing mechanism mostly not brain and nerve. Was colur vision OK?

I think NICE said that referrals to a neuro when MS is in question should be 6 or less weeks. (In Scotland it is upto 12 weeks.) (I’ve been on the list since 1 June).

thanks4the reply

the spot is wherever i look!!it can be to the side up or down!!i did tell optician that im under the gp4my symptoms&that ive been referred2neuro but he just said i dont know why they would of said that!!lol

ms hasnt actually been mentioned.its something that crossed my mind&so i found this site&when i read the symptoms got quite worried!!

my reflex tests gp did were normal so he said that its prob not anything serious but beause he thinks my swallowing prob&these new symptoms are connected hes referred me

he asked me what i thought it was!!so i said well was hoping youd tell me!!!lol