Waiting for second GP appointment, MS symptoms?

Hello all,

I wanted to ask about some symptoms i’ve been having to see if anyone had any insight. I’m waiting on a second DR’s appointment and feeling very scared needless to say.

A few months ago i woke up in the middle of the night and my lips were numb and feeling quite odd. I woke my mom up and panicked, calmed down and that went away and never came back. Over the next few weeks i developed a lip twitch that has been a pulsating twitch all day even triggered by certain movements of my mouth. Still going on for a month jul-aug. I also developed body wide twitching, legs stomach arms calves butt ect. some days its better than others seems to slightly be improving but still consistent. lastly i have this low buzzing tingling feeling on my left heel only. it is not numb, no pain at all, and only felt when im trying to sleep at night. this goes away once i get up and walk around in the morning but is so annoying when i’m trying to sleep. oh i also have been waking up to very sore muscles on my left shoulder and arm, but i feel this might be how im sleeping? idk if i’m over thinking that.

so as of right now i only have an oncologst, i am in remission from hodgekins lymphoma from when i was 17. at the time i had a pediatrician which shifted to an oncologist and i never got a GP bc i would just see her for everything. at one of my follow ups i presented the twitching, tingling left foot pain ect which she did not see as consistent with MS, but possible vitamin deficiancies and lack of sleep, lifestyle ect. she also said the left foot may be a sign of long term nerve damage from chemo but another dr there said its rare to see it 6 years later and its more so a side effect during but it COULD happen. She also said she is very worried about my health anxiety- which i do have as well as general and have had the most stress in my life iv ever had as my father passed 6 mo ago suddenly. i am also newly vegetarian and eat a lot less than i probably should. as id like to attribute all of this to anxiety, it doesnt change the fact that i am feeling this symptoms and its so frustrating to not know. anyway, my oncologist was very nice and said its not MS, but she referred me to a GP anyway to help me. so now, i am waiting an appointment on the 27th. i am scared! i now can’t tell if i’m really over thinking the whole MS thing but googling has made me think it could be! any insight on this?


boy, you’ve been through the mill!

you must be quite young and to have all that going on healthwise, well poor you.

ask you gp to check your blood for vitamin deficiencies, B12 and D3 are commonly low with ms but even if you don’t have ms a deficiency can give ms type symptoms.

also ask your doctor for help with your anxiety.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can really help.

sorry for the loss of your dad. when we lose a parent our very foundations are shaken, no matter how old you are.

whatever put the idea of ms in your head?

there are loads of nasty illnesses out there, some curable and some not.

if you are following a vegetarian diet, make sure you are getting enough protein.

chick peas contain protein but incomplete so you need whole grains as well.

baked beans on wholemeal toast is a good start.

get yourself a good vegetarian cook book.

carole x

You have been googling around; I bet. Yes, you want answers; but unfortunately, there’s some way to go yet. It is strange the symptoms of anxiety can have.

Perhaps others have different views but I suggest at present you pretend to be Elvis.

This will give you an idea about diagnosis; you’re always welcome here.

Good luck



First of all, Dr Google is not your friend. Don’t google symptoms of MS and fit your symptoms into that.

What I think you’ve probably already picked up is that there are literally hundreds of potential MS symptoms. You could have residual nerve damage from your chemo (total bad luck to have these symptoms now after cancer) or a vitamin deficiency, or a neurological problem that may or may not be MS.

But a doctor doesn’t start with a diagnosis and try to either fit your symptoms into it or exclude it. A doctor starts with your symptoms and then considers, a) what part of the body is being affected here? (ie neurological, ontological, orthopaedic, gastrointestinal, etc). Then b) if it’s for eg considered to be neurological, what type of neurological, a GP would at this point refer you to a neurologist. The neurologist would take a history and do a physical examination. Only then might they have an idea of what they ‘might’ be looking at. And hence refer you for more tests. Then maybe you would get a diagnosis. Unless of course, the GP very sensibly did some blood testing to rule in or out vitamin deficiencies etc in which case it might be much more straightforward.

So, what I would do is write a brief history (bullet points with dates) that you can use with the GP and if referred elsewhere, like to a neurologist, with them. So include dates, when symptoms started, what happened and how long the symptom lasted.

Best of luck.


hello and thank you for responding,

i originally googled vitamin defeciancies but also MS Came up when i googled about my twitching. But also read twitching alone is not related to MS. I don’t know if i’m just anxious or what but i guess my GP will explain more and run tests

thank you!

i wrote down all symptoms so far! i do need to stop googling because i don’t even really know if my symptoms are the same as what people with MS experience or these are something else. my oncologist really didnt seem at all concerned w twitching or any of what i told her but i still wrote it all down to show my gp