Mum had MS I feel I have symptoms. Docs not taking me seriously.

Hi I am 30 years old and have had the following symptoms: shaky hands, can’t get my words out properly, tiredness, tingly fingers, migraines, when in darkened room looking at phone I have partial blindness in one eye after turning phone off for approx 10 mins had this happen a few times, clumsy, forgetfulness, stabbing pain in my arm when I extend it on occasion. I have mentioned a few things to gp and they say it’s more than likely not ms and keep asking if I am depressed as that will cause my extreme tiredness or they say my children could be making me so tired! Both kids sleep through and I find myself dosing off in the afternoons sometimes. Which is scary when looking after my 2 year old! Had blood tests that come back fine. My mum had ms and was diagnosed when she was 22. Anyone been in same situation and docs not take you seriously? What did you do? Thanks in advance.

Oh and my ankles feel swollen sometimes/sore/stiff.

Hello my husband has ms and i have been unwell myself for quite some time i managed to get consultant i was under for pleural enfusion to run some tests as i had been getting pins needled in fingers toes and arms and felt fatigue and pain everywhere.Test showed i have auto immune problem, and various other tests came back abnormal ,had they are testing me further.Vitamin d levels are really low i am having tremors, and muscle twitching and jerking limbs arms legs , bladder problems, burning pain in feet &hands and arms even legs sometime.I understand how you feel i got the same feeling but you have to keep at them as if you give up and throw the towel in your not going to get anywhere.My husband told my gp he had felt my tremors shaking the bed and at first he thought he was having a tremor until he touched me and realised it wasnt him and gp is has booked me in for mri brain and possibly spine . There are people in familys who more than 1 gets ms, how rare would it be if i had it husband and wife it does happern there are people on here.Mothers and daughters with ms i think there are a few on here also xxx julie

Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear your husband has MS and that you are also unwell. Hope you get diagnosed soon. I think I have not pushed it as not 100 percent sure I wanna know if that makes sense as it scares the life out of me if I am honest. At the same time I have been having symptoms for quite some time that seem to be getting worse and realise that there are now various meds etc to help. It doesn’t help that when I do get the courage to go to docs they laugh at me. I am sure they think I am making it up or seeing things that aren’t there just because my mum had it. :frowning: My husband also has noticed my hands shake & says about my speech. I guess I should go back to docs X

In your shoes I would be changing GP. Even if there is no real cause for concern, every patient should be listened to politely and have their concerns discussed seriously until their mind is put at rest. In your case, it does sound like something is not right. Your GP may be correct in saying that it is probably not MS but he should be trying to get to the bottom of the problem and that usually means referral to a specialist.

Go to a different gp ask to be taken seriously. I was told for years I was tired because ninjas kids and was depressed. This time they took notice when I was slurring my speech. It’s looking less likely I be ms for me not since the LP was clear but still waiting for results of MRI. Found out I have b12 deficiency which has probably always been the case and all my symptoms were brushed off and put down to mental ill health.

Thanks Mitzi and Kisywisy for your replies. You are right my doctors surgery are pretty awful I saw 4 different doctors about my sons milk allergy and they kept saying babies are sick. I took him to a&e in the end when they have me a diagnosis of milk allergy he had lost lots of weight by this point though! It’s so hard to even get an appt at my surgery now. I only came back on this site as I have a new symptom that started last night. I have numb big toes more so in my right big toe though. I was wondering if this is a symptom of ms they do not hurt but when I touch them I can’t feel I am touching it if that makes sense. I don’t have pins and needles or anything. Did you get your results of your MRI yet Kisywisy?

MS is very individual - two people with MS are likely to have different symptoms, but out of the huge range of possible symptoms some are more likely than others.

If you look under the “What is MS?” tab at the top of the page, there’s some information on symptoms - it doesn’t seem to mention numbness, but other people on this forum have.

No MRI results yet. Neuro appointment isn’t I mil end of July :confused: although I’m pretty sure it will turn out ‘just’ to be pernicious anaemia. I hope you’re listened to soon. Really, keep on at them. If they had listened to my symptoms years ago, before having a further three children AND breastfeeding them whilst b12 deficient, maybe one of my kids wouldn’t be as delayed as she is. But that’s a rant fit another time

I went to docs today about my toe being numb mentioned all other symptoms. He said as I had a blood test towards beginning if year that came back fine he not gonna so blood test as normally as sign of diabetes. He said that if my toe numb still in 3 weeks to go back and they will test my nerves. Not sure what that’s all about? But said all other symptoms aren’t linked and that I am too young to have anything else! He was a locum doctor so wondering how good he is. I wonder if they have checked my b12 is that something they normally check on a blood test I wonder? Not sure if I should get a second opinion or just go back in 3 weeks if still numb as suggested. Let me know how you get on Kisywisy. It is annoying as we know our bodies and know when something’s not right. X

It is mentioned, but only when you click on the early signs of MS link. I don’t have a dx yet - numbness on my thigh was one of my first symptoms.