Fearful of MS - undiagnosed

Hello everyone, I’m not too sure how to start this but I’ll just recollect what’s been happening to me for a while now and see if you have any advice for me.

I haven’t been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis yet, but as of late I’ve been suffering alot with many symptoms associated with the condition. I have frequent muscle twitches, mostly in my arms and legs since October of 2016. Prior to this in July I started having facial weakness on my right side and numbness and pulling sensation accompanied with eye twitching. I also had pain (muscle pain, minor shooting pains in arms and legs) in October 2016. I had been to the doctor a number of times as this had carried on for a while who ran a blood test on me and x-rays of my back as he thought I’d maybe have a slipped disc or had a spinal injury. My blood tests showed I had a vitamin D deficiency, but I still haven’t got the results of my x-rays back. I have been taking supplements since October, and my symptoms (aside from muscle twitching) subsided for a while, but now late March they have started again worse than before (minor limb jerks, painful contraction of muscles, twitching) with general weakness and fatigue (not enough to stop me from doing daily activities) but still a hard effort to walk around sometimes due to muscle fatigue and pain. I also have burning sensations in the soles of my feet that are minor, not as bad as they were in October. I am 17 years old, Asian, with no history of Multiple sclerosis in my family that I know of. Also, I suffered from hypoglycemia two years ago a few times, where I’d wake up with blurred vision that’d subside. One day it was particularly bad, I couldn’t see out of both eyes for a while, one recovered quicker than other but don’t know if it was attributed to low sugar levels. I also have anxiety, but I can keep this under control and I rarely suffer from anxiety attacks now.

hi rusty

have you had an MRI?

maybe tell your doctor about the twitches and other symptoms and say that you need to know what is causing them.

you can get a spray called magicool for burning feet - i think tesco stock it.

did you see anyone about your eyes?

diabetic clinic? opthalmologist?

have you got support from your family?

i’m really pleased that you have got your anxiety under control.

good luck

carole x

No I have not had an MRI. I have been to the docs a number of times and they have dismissed twitches n spasms as anxiety however went to A&E one time when they were particularly bad got an appointment with someone who tested my reflexes and all that and didn’t think I showed any signs of any auto immune diaease like MS or ALS. Both my parents have type 2 diabetes, but I do not but chances are I’ll maybe get it in the future, although I really hope not. My family are generally supportive, generally, they think nothing serious is wrong with me so dismiss most of my symptoms. Told them about my pain in October, not told them yet about it happening again now.

Hi, there seems to be a lot of us going through this at the moment. I absolutely despise going to my GP, partly because they have been so dismissive and made me feel like a neurotic mad woman and partly because I hate having anything wrong with me. However, when I was confronted with a plethora of symptoms, sometimes 2 or 3 new ones per week I knew it was time to start making regular trips there. I know, as I’m sure you do, when it’s time to visit the Docs, that niggling voice that something is wrong, is usually right and the very reason we turn to a forum such as this. You need to be open with your family and get their support when visiting GPs or Hospital appointments and keep a journal of your symptoms, I’ve found this particularly helpful as I seem so unable lately to recall how I was feeling last week due to this week’s symptoms. Place your health as your number one priority and promise yourself to seek help and guidance whenever something new or something old crops up. I hope you find some answers soon.

Katie x

hi rusty

your gp seems to be convinced that it’s anxiety.

for what it’s worth - i’d say get out there in the world.

don’t become obsessed with your symptoms.

have you got good mates who you can go out with?

the wise old woman says go and act your age!

17 is just the beginning of your life story.

carole x

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I had lots of visits to the doctors and hospital.

Until I had a MRI scan and Lumber Puncture it was all ifs and buts and maybes and pure guesswork.

So, my advice for a definite answer is insist on a MRI Scan and Lumber Puncture.

Too stressful not knowing.

I went 15 years experiencing certain symptoms thinking it was just the ageing process before finally getting my diagnosis.

I have trouble walking especially up steps, tremors Abby time I get the slightest bit cold, indifference to hear (95 & goosebumps last summer) i choke on everything, eye pains. I go Tuesday for my Mri’s. I have type 1 diabetes (35 +years) Addisons disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, hashimoto’s disease the list goes on. Glad tho see there is a group for this! My newest disease (addisons) almost killed me 3 weeks ago so I feel blessed to be here despite the possibilities♡