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Hi, I would really like some advice… I am 32, mum of 2, I work part time. 5 weeks ago, I developed a tremor, muscle twitches, pins and needles & weakness in arms & legs. I could walk but my hands felt very stiff. Since then, I’ve had internal tremors (I keep asking my husband if I look like I’m shaking), dizziness all day, hot & cold temperature changes at night, heart palpitations & prickly/burning sensations in my hands & feet. I also get funny twitches in my bum & thighs. I have had to take time off work as the dizziness is preventing me from driving. My hands make cooking tricky at times but managing with help. My vision is ok, I am still walking though my legs feel weak & I am not losing balance. My blood test results (tested thyroid, vit b12 etc) came back normal but they found a vit D deficiency. I am now on high dose (10,000 iu) tablets & have taken these for 2 weeks but no difference in my symptoms. I have seen a neurologist & he said a lot of my symptoms are anxiety related but as they have persisted for over a month he is referring me for a MRI. He also said these things can happen as a one off attack- has anyone experienced this? If so, how long did it last? My final question is- from your experience does this sound like MS? I am totally petrified & feel very scared at the moment… Thank you Anon

Hello and welcome

Vitamin deficiencies can cause a lot of nasty symptoms so it may be that you notice a difference once the vit D supplements start to get your levels back into a more normal range. Unfortunately this can take a while, so please persevere!

There are various things that can cause a one-off attack of MS-like symptoms and most people who get these never have another attack. Even the people who have a proper first attack of MS don’t all go on to have another one: about 50% only have that one attack. So the odds are in your favour that this is as bad as it will get - in fact, chances are that you will gradually improve and never look back :slight_smile:

Also, it sounds like you have a lot of symptoms in a lot of different places in your body? If that’s the case, it’s actually much more likely to be a one-off attack and not MS at all. So do try not to worry. I know that’s very hard, but worrying really won’t achieve anything and will only add to your symptoms.

Even if it does turn out to be MS, it’s not the end of the world. The vast majority of people with MS live long, happy and fulfilled lives: life really can still be good.

Karen x

Many thanks Karen- I will continue the vit d3 religiously. I’ve never heard of one off attacks of this kind & was hoping there may be some people on here who had experienced this. I asked the neurologist about it & he said he sees it all the time! I think because its gone on for more than a month & is stopping me working/going to the gym/cooking etc its affecting me a lot. I have had a lot of symptoms - the ones that are there everyday day are the tremor and dizziness. The tingles, twitches & odd feeling in hands is also present throughout the day. This is the other odd bit- I have had 7 episodes of very strange ‘attacks’ where my muscles will twitch in my arms or legs, this causes a ‘whoosh’ type sensation up my spine & it’s like my whole back tightens. My heart starts beating fast & I get very hot. This lasts for 4-6 hours & then subsides for few days. When this happens I feel nauseous, weak & very odd. This is scaring me the most. I hope it is a one-off thing but the fact that its not going away is increasing the anxiety at the moment. Thank you for your time & thoughts x

Hi Anon,

This is great for stress and anxiety;

If you do buy, go straight to the 2nd or 6th one. It’s al about the breathing, so count to four when you breath in and four when you breath out. This will stop you from thinking about other things. Once you are more relaxed, you can do without the counting. I was on an eight week mindfulness course. It helped me immeasurably. I was referred by my councillor.

I also use St Johns Wort (HRI) for depression. Really good. If you don’t want to try that, apparently Citalopram is very good for depression but will make you anxious in the first few weeks of use. I would definitely talk to someone. It’s a very stressful time.

Hope that this helps,


Thank you Adrian- I will definitely look into the things you have suggested. I am feeling so anxious at times but trying to overcome it. All the best x

I’m wondering if the whoosh sensation is set off by you looking down at whatever muscle just twitched or just by flexing your neck in a particular way? If yes, then it may be a form of L’Hermitte’s which is the result of a problem in the spinal cord. The rest might also be a symptom of where the problem is that is causing the L’Hermitte’s, but there’s also a possibility that at least some of it is due to anxiety. Either way, I don’t think that it’s something to worry about unduly. (Especially if the neuro is aware of it.)

If it gets worse or you get scared, you can always go to A&E.


Hi Karen, I don’t know for certain if its caused by me looking down or not- sometimes I guess it might be…not very helpful really am I?! It is really scary & happening every few days. Then it settles down & I feel a bit better. Does this happen in MS? Do you know if vitamin d deficiencies can cause crazy symptoms like this?! When I mentioned it to the neurologist he thought it might be my body going into overdrive - like a ‘flight or fight’ response- though I’m not convinced. I’m not even anxious when it starts- usually I’m asleep! I’ve been to A&E once when it first happened- did an ECG, said it was normal and sent me home. Thank you for your comments :slight_smile: x