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I am new to this site and feel a bit of a fraud for being on here really.

I would really appreciate any advice or opinions on what is going on. I have been unwell for a very long time and to cut a long story short, I was referred last year by the Nurse Practitioner after I gave up all hope of getting help from my GP. I am due to get my first appointment some time this year for a local ME specialist unit. They have gone with ME instead of a Neruo appointment as a starting point.

About 3 years ago, I started to get symptoms of a neurological nature in addition to chronic fatigue which resulted from a glandular fever type illness when I was 17 years old (I am now 39). The symptoms were tingling and almost numbness in my legs after I walked for a short distance which I also experienced in my nose, chin, cheeks, tongue and upper chest. I phoned NHS direct and they said it was nothing to worry about. I left it 6 months before going to the GP as he has always said my symptoms were anxiety based so I knew he wouldn’t take me seriously. He asked me what I thought it was?!! I said that when you type these symptoms into Dr Google, horrible things come up and I didn’t want to go down that road. He described these altered sensations as parasthesia and when we talk about that he said, we normally think of MS but it is very unlikely to be that. He sent me away and said to wait and see. Things improved slightly but it then returned (it comes and goes in block periods). I then started to get burning sensations in my legs.

I am now experiencing weakness in my arms and hands. They don’t feel numb or tingly and I haven’t lost much strength when lifting etc but when I use my hands, i.e. washing up, mashing potato etc. they tire so easily and I drop things all of the time, even really light things. I don’t get the sensation I am about to drop something, things just go or my grip goes and I send the item flinging sideways. I am also noticing my speech is going a bit funny, in my head I am saying the right word/s in the right order but it comes out totally wrong. It has only happened a handful of times but it really freaks me out.

I have posted on an ME forum as I thought it would be a common symptom but no one has responded. I have had numerous blood tests over the years which are fine, my bowels have had bouts of nastiness which I have had investigated.

I just wondered if anyone has experienced this kind of weakness, parasthesia? Did it turn out to be anxiety?

Thank you in advance.

Sam x

Hi Sam, and welcome to the site

Don’t feel a fraud - anyone with anything “weird” going on is at home here!

It is possible for anxiety, stress and other things to cause neurological symptoms including weakness and paresthesia. For more info about that sort of stuff, check out the website:

However, telling the difference between those and other causes can be quite tricky and can take a while. The ME clinic may well be a good starting place. If they find stuff that isn’t consistent, hopefully they will refer you to neurology or another speciality. They should also be able to help you with advice and maybe meds for your symptoms - if they don’t offer, please ask.

Good luck!

Karen x

Welcome to the board…I’m a ‘newbie’ too.

I think that maybe we have the same doc…(joke). My doctor reacted in exactly the same way as yours. He asked me what I thought was wrong with me…and that I was going through a phase…and that we all feel strange from time to time…Needless to say I changed my doctor.

I am due to see a neuro. in Feb…but only because I asked my new doc. It seems that sometimes you have to virtually ‘beg’ to be taken seriously at the doctors.

I wish you luck…let us know how things go.


Thank you both for your replies and welcomes.

I am looking forward to my appointment because I want to have a clearer picture of what is going on. One of the worst symptoms that I forgot to mention is my balance, it is awful and has been getting worse.

Thank you for the link Karen, I will have a look.

Hope your neuro appointment goes well and helps you Wendy.

Thank you

Sam x