symptoms coming and going

Last year I had my first episode of strange things happening to my body. This lasted 4 months and then in Dec started to get better. I have had a gradual improvement in symptoms since, to the point where I am now pretty much ok most of the time. I had an Mri of my brain and neck which was clear, so am not seeing the neuro for six months. The neuro said that he thought I could have MS.

I would just like to ask, even though my symptoms have improved so much, would it be normal if it was MS, for the same original symptoms to return either with exercise, after having a shower, and also on some days come back for no apparent reason? This seems to happen to me but not to the same severity as with the original episode.

One other quesion, I have recently had a buzzing sensation in my lower leg. When I say buzzing, I mean just that, it felt like I had a hundred bees buzzing around. This lasted for ten days and then ust disappeard. I think this can be classed as a neurological symtom, but should I tel anyone?

Thank you everyone

Hi there,

Possibly, this is not the news you wanted to hear, but yes, it’s a very common experience that MS symptoms temporarily worsen during/after exercise, or if you get hot - e.g. hot bath or shower.

Of course, none of this means it absolutely is MS. But if it was, it wouldn’t be at all unusual…


Just to add to Tina’s reply - buzzing is a common sensory symptom. It was new and lasted two weeks so it sounds like a mini attack, so make sure and tell the neuro when you see him/her.

Karen x

Definitely tell it might affect what treatment you are offered maybe not now but in the future. But really I hope for you it’s not MS Hugs Min xx