Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m experiencing another episode of vibration/buzzing in my lower back and legs. I understand this is quite a common MS symptom. What I was wondering was, do those of you that experience this symptom only get it during a relapse, or can it happen any time? And how long does it usually last? Kaz xxx

The thing with ms is that it’s varied for every person. Some people get symptoms of vibration and tingling always and some people only get it during a relapse and some people don’t get those symptoms at all. Just because the symptoms have flared doesn’t mean that it’s a relapse - it could be caused by numerous things such as being run down or stressed or a virus etc.

Hi Kaz,

I’ve had it chiefly during a relapse. It got better, but as healing isn’t perfect, I still get it rather mildly and slightly at other times - nowhere near as bad as it was, though.

When I had the relapse that led to my diagnosis, it lasted quite a few weeks, I’m afraid, or maybe even months. What is left, I now regard as permanent, but I don’t mean continual. It’s not unusual for me to get a bit of mild buzzing at any time, but it’s usually just seconds at a time, and not very dramatic.

How long it lasted for anyone else is not a reliable guide to how long it might last for you, though. Relapses (if it is one) can last anything from days to months, and might not even be the same twice, for the same person.

You could be having a relapse, or it might just be the hot weather aggravating old symptoms. It would be interesting to see if symptoms are relieved when the weather changes!

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the replies :slight_smile: I’m two months into an episode of altered sensation in my legs and feet. Most of the feeling has returned, but it seems to have plateaued before fully returning to normal. The buzzing is a separate symptom and something I’ve had often before. The change in the weather is an interesting point xx

I know what you mean Kaz. The prickly bug feelings and pins and needles have reduced massively but seem to be stuck at the reduced level. And as my partner pointed out my short term memory is still pretty pants! X

Mine too, Kit. And the tiredness is not improving. Whether this is MS or not, it’s certainly frustrating! xxxx

Yup it sure is! Got another GP appointment this afternoon to get signed off again. If she signs me off for another 2 weeks that will be 6 week off work! Longest time I’ve ever had off and sad as it sounds I’m kinda looking forward to going back! Xx

I know what you mean. I’ve been signed off for two months while I’m under investigation. If this fatigue doesn’t improve I don’t know what I’m going to do xx

The fatigue is a killer! X